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Press release: Science and You project

tl_files/Euroscience/About Us/Organisation Icon.jpgEuroscience is pleased to announce that it supports the Science and You project. Science and You is an international conference that will take place in the Lorraine Region in France in June 2015. It will bring together all those interested in science communication: researchers, PhD students, science communicators, journalists, professionals from associations and museums, business leaders, politicians, and just curious...


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Travel Grants to ESOF2014 - Calls OPEN

ESOFVarious organisations, including the Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation (DASTI), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) France and the Research Foundation Flanders (FWO) Belgium, all in association with EuroScience offer travel grants to help young researchers attend ESOF2014 in Copenhagen.


The CALLS for travel grants for PhD candidates to attend ESOF2014 are now OPEN.


Click here to learn about the eligibility criteria and to apply for a grant.

2014 Governing Board Elections: Online Vote Open!

tl_files/Euroscience/About Us/Organisation Icon.jpgDear EuroScience member,

EuroScience is looking for new Governing Board Members. The online vote is now open and we invite you to select up to 16 candidates for the new Governing Board.

The vote will close on 22 May 2014, at 14.00 CEST and the results will be announced Friday 23 May.

Please do not forget to pay your membership contribution via our website.

How to vote?

To view the list of candidates and to vote you need to be signed into your EuroScience personal profile. To sign in and consult the list of candidates click on the following link.


Further information on 'how to vote' will be instructed in the right column of the same page.

General Assembly 2014

Dear EuroScience member,

In accordance with our Statutes we have the pleasure to inform you that the next EuroScience General Assembly will be held during ESOF2014 in Copenhagen on June 24, from 10.00-11.45. It will be in one of the halls of the ESOF venue, the former Carlsberg breweries.

Lauritz Holm-Nielsen, president

Peter Tindemans, secretary-general

1.   Draft Agenda General Assembly Copenhagen 2014


More information will be regularly uploaded on the following GA pages.

Learn about our membership benefits!

tl_files/Euroscience/Community/Social media Icon.jpgBecome a EuroScience member and get a significant fee reduction to ESOF2014!


Register to ESOF2014 and get the first year of EuroScience membership, from July 2014 till July 2015, free of charge!


To register to ESOF2014 click here.

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'Human Hotel' for journalists: Call for applications

ESOFEuroScience Open Forum 2014 is pleased to announce that journalists who will be covering the forum in Copenhagen can now apply for free, private accommodation in Copenhagen during the event.

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Euroscientist Special Issue: why sharing matters?

Credit Maureen Flynn-Burhoe FlickrWelcome to this special edition of the EuroScientist looking into how sharing practices are affecting research and innovation. And why sharing matters!

Read the Special Issue here

EuroScience Open Forum opens call for 40 media travel grants

ESOFThe organisers of Europe’s largest general science event, EuroScience Open Forum, invite journalists from around the world to apply for media travel grants. It is expected that 250 media representatives will be at the science forum in Copenhagen from 21-26 June 2014.


Please click here to apply for a scholarship.


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EuroScientist Special Issue on Research Evaluation

The very existence of scientific career progression hinges on researchers being judged by their peers as being eligible for further career advancement and worthy recipient of grant funding.


Yet, technology is bringing disruption in what was until now a well-oiled peer-review system.


The upcoming generation of scientists is likely to be evaluated through an evolved versions of peer-review. New means of measuring their worth have a much higher level of granularity than the old-fashioned impact factor approach.


Read the articles of the Special Issue

The registration for ESOF2014 is now open !!

ESOFYou can now register for the scientific conference ESOF2014 that will take place in Copenhagen, June 21-26, 2014. 

Please sign up now at and benefit from the huge early bird discounts.

Much of the scientific programme is already published. You can browse through the programme in the ESOF2014 online community, which also allows you to start debates right away and shape the discussions at ESOF2014.

Please click here for more information.

More News

EuroScience participates in RRI Tools, a new EC funded project to foster a new model for the relation between Science and Society in Europe

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/RRI Tools/Web WP6.JPG

The RRI Tools' official launch was on 20-21 January 2014 in Brussels. A three year long project funded under the European Commission Seventh Framework Programme to foster Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Europe with a view to a harmonious and efficient relationship beetween science and European society.


Read more in the official Press Release >>

The Call for productions for the European Science TV and New Media Festival is now OPEN!!!

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgThe organizers of the Festival, EuroScience and EuroPAWS, are pleased to announce the Call for TV programmes or New Media productions for the 2014 European Science TV and New Media Festival, which will take place at the ESOF congress in Copenhagen in June 2014.


There is no cost to enter productions, and the deadline for completed entry forms is Friday 28 March 2014.


Further details about the festival and how to apply can be found here.

The EYRA 2014 Call for Post-doctoral candidates is NOW OPEN!!!

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgThe European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA) is granted to researchers demonstrating outstanding research performance and leadership. At the same time, the award aims to inspire early stage and experienced researchers to incorporate a European dimension and perspective into their research.



MERIL- Europe needs to map its research base

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Media Coverage Icon.jpgCould a Europe-wide database of facilities and equipment help research, funding and policy challenges – and will you use it?

In September 2013, the European Science Foundation introduced MERIL (Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape), a new public database of openly accessible research infrastructure in Europe.


Read the opinion of the EuroScience Secretary General Peter Tindemans in the Guardian. 

The Rammal Award 2012 rewards Professor Abdeslam Hoummada

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgEuroScience is pleased announce that the Rammal Award for the year 2012 will honour Professor Abdeslam Hoummada.

Prof. Hoummada has an outstanding career in Neutrino physics and High Energy particle physics. He is involved in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron collider (LHC) at CERN and his contribution to the discovery of the Higgs boson has been widely recognised.

See the press release

EuroScientist Special Issue on European science career paths!

Credit Bill Strain Flick mrbill78636Not having a defined career structure, is for many scientists in Europe today, a frustrating reality.


This special issue of the Euroscientist explores key elements of the state of scientific careers in Europe to help our readers define their own career strategy.


Photo credit: Bill Strain

Read the Special Issue

Active Research Quantum Cryptography: A web platform for diffusing QKD among PhD candidates and Post Docs

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Young researchers Icon.jpgProf. Enrico Predazzi, president of Agorascienze and champion of ESOF 2010 in Torino, invites EuroScience members, especially physicists, to participate in new approach to disseminate advanced knowledge about Quantum Cryptography.

Read more and Participate!

Seeking a sustainable future for European Science

The workshop entitled “Seeking a sustainable future for European Science” organised by EuroScience in cooperation with La Caixa and Ateneu Barcèlones took place on the 8th November in Barcelona.  Thank you to EuroScience GB members Gilles Mirambeau, Amaya Moro Martin and José Mariano Gago, and to Michele Catanzaro, a science writer for the webzine Euroscientist, who are the initiators of this event.


European Science TV and New Media Festival: Winners announced

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgThe New European Science TV and New Media Awards Evening held in Lisbon on the 22nd November this year was an enormous success. The organizers EuroScience, EuroPAWS and Ciencia Viva were very pleased to award altogether nine prizes to the authors of productions judged as best in their category.
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EU-Russia Science Year launched

Photo Credit: Ludmila ChernetaThis Monday EU-Russia Science Year has been officially launched.  

Dr. Nelly Didenko, who is a member of the EuroScience  Governing Board and the coordinator of the EuroScience Russian Local Section, represented EuroScience in this unique event.




Photo Credit: Ludmila Cherneta


Read more about the event:

The Call for applications for the Nature Travel Grant Scheme for journalists is now open!!!!

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Call Icon.jpg

Given the great success of the Nature Travel Grant Scheme for journalists at ESOF2012, a new edition of the scheme is going to take place at the ESOF2014 meeting in Copenhagen from 21-26 June 2014.

Please click here to view more information on the Call for the Nature Travel Grant Scheme for journalists.


Euroscientist Special Issue on the future of science education!

Credit Peter Dahlgren

This Special Issue of the Euroscientist is your chance to share your views on how you would like to educational system evolve.

To give you food for thoughts, we offer you some selected view points from across a panel of experts currently shaping the future of science education.


Read the Special Issue

Press release: Jean-Pierre Bourguignon is the new President of the European Research Council

Photo Credit: Jean-François DarsEuroScience welcomes and congratulates Jean-Pierre Bourguignon as the new President of the European Research Council  (ERC).

Jean-Pierre Bourguignon was one of a group of eight in Paris in 1995 and 1996 who started the ball rolling for founding EuroScience, as one can read in the lively early history of EuroScience by the late Françoise Praderie, EuroScience first Secretary-General.

He has served several times on the Governing Board of EuroScience and on Programme and Steering Committees for several ESOF events, convinced as he is that reaching to other scientists, society at large, politicians and business are crucially important.


Read the press release


Photo: by courtesy of Jean-François Dars

PRESS RELEASE - European Science TV and New Media Awards Evening

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgPRIZES FOR EUROPE’S TOP SCIENCE PRODUCTIONS


The organizers, Euroscience, EuroPAWS and Ciencia Viva are pleased to announce that the European Science TV and New Media Awards Evening will take place at the Science Centre in Lisbon on 22 November 2013.


Read more in the PRESS RELEASE >>

European Science TV and New Media Awards Evening 2013

The Awards Evening will be held on the 22nd November 2013 at Ciencia Viva, Lisbon, Portugal.


To see the shortlisted productions click here.

Horizons for Social Sciences and Humanities: The Vilnius Declaration

As announced in a previous post on, there has been much discussion about the role of social sciences and the humanities (SSH) in Horizon 2020.


Should there be a new Science in Society programme, or should SSH be mainstreamed in the Societal Challenges which play a pivotal role. There is now a new challenge addressing quite a few social issues; but the mainstreaming is necessary as well.


The Lithuanian EU Council Presidency, the European Commission and a Steering Committee chaired by ERC President Helga Nowotny with EuroScience Secretary- General Peter Tindemans as one of the members, organized a conference in Vilnius  “Horizons on Social Sciences and Humanities”on 22 and 23 September to discuss commonalities and variety in SSH approaches and in particular specific ideas for what SSH could contribute as much as possible integrated with other scientific fields to each of the Societal Challenges.



EuroScience President and Secretary-General invite universities to support ESOF

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/ESOF/ESOF 2016 web.jpgLauritz Holm-Nielsen and Peter Tindemans have written letters to European universities to invite to support ESOF Copenhagen. One way is to send a bus, with of course full university colours, with students to Copenhagen. Another is to provide some grants to their own students or in general to EuroScience.


EuroScience President and Secretary-General invite universities to support ESOF.


The downloadable pdf includes the letter to universities, the description of the science bus proposal and the description of the grants to ESOF call 

Manchester organizes ESOF 2016 and will be the European City of Science 2016

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/ESOF/ESOF 2016 web.jpgThe ESOF Supervisory Board and EuroScience are proud to announce that the EuroScience Open Forum will be hosted from the 22nd until the 27th July 2016 in Manchester, UK.


Press Release >>


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EuroScience Statement on EU council budget proposal

EU Council keeps undercutting its own commitments to growth by research and innovation


The political agreement which the European Council and the European Parliament reached late June 2013 on the Multiannual Financial Framework, which would fund Horizon 2020 with some 70 billion over 2014-2020, is now threatened with a further blow by the Council in the first test - the budget for 2014.


Read more in EuroScience Statement >>

Grants for ESOF2014 - Call for Support

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Call Icon.jpgEuroScience and ESOF2014 are seeking support to provide talented and highly motivated students and young researchers with a unique experience to participate in the Europe’s biggest general scientific conference both to learn from and contribute to the event. Young researchers’ participation is vital in this important debate.


Read more>>

ESOF2014 Bus - Call for Support

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Call Icon.jpgProvide your students with a unique experience to go by coach to Europe’s biggest scientific conference and at the same time increase your visibility.


Learn more about how to organise a Bus of students going to ESOF2014>>

The Euroscientist interviews Stephen Curry on open access



The Euroscientist asks 5 questions on open access to Stephen Curry, Professor of Structural Biology at Imperial College, London, UK, author of Reciprocal Space blog and blogger for the Guardian newspaper.


Go to the Euroscientist.

First Policy Paper of the Science and Technology Advisory Council

EuroScience is happy to inform you that the first Policy Paper has appeared on the EU President's Science and Technology Advisory Council (STAC; more information on the European Commission website).


President Barroso of the European Commission has established this Council to have together with the Chief Science Advisor, prof Anne Glover, a structure in place to ensure better advise from science to policy. We are glad that this first Policy Paper emphasizes strongly the need to pay attention to Science and Society, a theme EuroScience keeps stressing. We will start a discussion on this Policy Paper in our webzine The EuroScientist.


Read the Policy Paper here.

EuroScience calls for more consultation on Russian Academy of Sciences' reforms

EuroScience stresses need for intensified consultation of Russian Academy of Sciences and the scientific community in general on reforms of the Academy. Read the Statement here>>


EuroScience encourages its members to express their support for the Russian scientific community to be involved in the reforms of the Russian Academy of Sciences. One way of doing this is signing the petition set up by EUSJA. Here is the link>>

European Science TV and New Media Festival for 2013

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgThe 2013 European Science TV and New Media Festival took place at the Science Gallery in Dublin from 14 to 16 June. There were eight awards categories and the screenings were complemented by panel led discussions and keynote talks on themes relating to Science and TV/AV media.

Read more in our article>>

EuroScience has selected the winner of the 2013 European Young Researchers' Award!

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgThis year the European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA) was to recognize researchers preparing their first PhD, who have demonstrated outstanding research performance and leadership and have incorporated a clear European dimension into their research. Read more >>

What do you really want to read about in the Euroscientist?

Click to access the EuroscientistWe value your loyalty and now is the time to ask you what you really want to read about in the Euroscientist. Over the next few weeks, we would like to open our editorial schedule to your suggestions. Once, you have sent a few suggestions, we will ask all readers to vote and we will commission articles about the most popular topics to be published in the autumn. -

Read more>>

Horizon 2020 action plan under fire

Academic leaders have criticised the European Commission’s newly revealed Horizon 2020 plan for prioritising short-term economic gains over a sustainable research policy....

Read more>>


Support the Euroscientist

Please help us stimulate the debate around research in Europe further by supporting the Euroscientist at:


Don’t forget to have a look at how our animators found a solution to help get out of the mess in which European scientists are stuck!

Have your say on how to continue to do research in times of austerity!

Click to access the Euroscientist

Austerity has taken its toll and disturbed research cycles across Europe. Particularly affected are scientists from Southern Europe. Find out first-hand how scientists confronted to austerity deal with it in Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal, in a new Special Issue of the Euroscientist


Share this news by e-mailing the following to your friends, please help us to spread the word:


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More information on this initiative in our Press Release also available in:


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Video Contest- Invest in our Future – Invest in Science

EuroScience invites to participate to the following event:



The video contest ’Invest in our Future – Invest in science’ invites you to look at the world afresh and realize the great contribution of science to our lives and the amazing possibilities it opens for our future. Show us why you think investing in science is important and you can win 500 Euros!


All information about the contest can be found at:

and at

About the Organisers:

"We are a group of researchers and science communicators based in Lisbon, Portugal. We started this Initiative with the goal of raising public awareness to the crucial role that science plays in our daily lives and in our future." More here:

The European Young Researchers’ Award 2013 CALL OPEN until 30th April

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgPlease note, that the call for 2013 is dedicated to PhD candidates only.

The European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA) is granted to researchers demonstrating outstanding research performance and leadership. Read More>>

The ESOF2012 Science meets Poetry book is out!

Edited by Jean-Patrick Connerade & Iggy McGovern and published by EuroScience, Science meets Poetry 3 is now available for purchase. Available on all amazon websites do not hesitate and discover now what mysterious forces bring Science and Poetry together.


Leaf through and purchase the book here or simply connect to your local amazon page and search for Science meets Poetry 3.

EuroScience President Lauritz Holm-Nielsen dinner speach at Atomium Culture's European Intersectoral Summit on Research and Innovation (EISRI)

Europe's future is based in investing in research and innovation, in human capital and in excellence. Responsible Research and Innovation is a key guiding principle, and EuroScience is fully prepared to actively engage itself. The EISRI's theme this year was The role of the media in responsible research and innovation. Next to Lauritz Holm-Nielsen, GB members Jean-Pierre Alix and Alex Gerber played an active role in various sessions.


Read the speach here. 

Commissioner Maire Geoghegan-Quinn has responded to the last open letter from EuroScience to the Irish Presidency and the Commissioner

Like many scientists and scientific organisations, EuroScience has spoken up vigorously to convince the European leaders that the budget for Horizon 2020 should be commensurate with their ambitions for research and innovation as drivers for knowledge-based growth and jobs. There is an increase, but in real terms not a very big one. The key issue will now be to ensure a sufficiently large share goes to longer-term investments. That is where Europe can make the difference.

Read the letter

Science Policy, be part of it! Experts for Horizon 2020 Advisory Groups: Call for expressions of interest

The European Commission is widening its search for experts from all fields to participate in shaping the agenda of Horizon 2020, the European Union's future funding programme for research and innovation. The experts of the advisory groups will provide high quality and timely advice for the preparation of the Horizon 2020 calls for project proposal. For more information on the call, please consult the call text as published on the website of the European Commission.


Deadline: 6 March 2013


*You could register as an individual or as a member of an organisation. If you want to register as a Euroscience member, please refer to the January newsletter you receive as a Euroscience member. 

Science Policy: Open letter on Horizon 2020

EuroScience keeps reminding European leaders of their commitments to support jobs and growth through research and innovation. EuroScience has now sent an open letter to the Irish presidency and to the next two presidencies in line as well as Presidents Van Rompuy and Barroso.  The letter is to be found here.

See also a short technical note on the EU Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020.

Rammal Award 2012 - Call for nominations

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgThe Rammal Award is awarded each year to an outstanding personality or organisation of strong scientific stature who, through their life and through activities pursued in a Mediterranean country, ...


>>Read more

European Science TV & New Media Festival 2013, CALL OPEN

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgThe organizers of the Festival are pleased to announce the Call for TV programmes or New Media productions for the 2013 European Science TV and New Media Festival, which will take place at the Science Gallery in Dublin from 14 to 16 June 2013. Read more>>

Save the date: BIOVISION 2013- March 24-26- Lyon, France.

BIOVISION, The World Life Sciences Forum, organized since 1999 by an independent non-profit organization, brings together international decision makers from the academic, private, policy-making and civil society sectors to foster a productive dialogue on life sciences discoveries and their impact on society, and to translate innovative ideas into actionable solutions for the benefit of citizens.


See the website:


NB: Get a 50% discount on registration fees. To do so please login first to the Euroscience website and then click here to get the discount code.  

The ESOF2014 calls for Scientific Session Proposals and the City are now open!

Scientific Session Proposal call here, apply here.

Call for expression of interest: Science in the City here.

For more information visit ESOF2014.

Invitation to submit bids to host ESOF 2016

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Call Icon.jpgEuroScience now invites cities, regions, countries or local, regional or national consortia to submit bids to host ESOF 2016.


The EUROSCIENCE OPEN FORUM (ESOF) meetings were established by EUROSCIENCE in 2004. They are the only pan-European meeting place for scientists, science teachers, media, politicians, industry and the public to debate issues of science and technology, society and policy. The first successful ESOF meeting took place in Stockholm in August 2004


Download the version

Statement from ERT and ERC in support of the budget for Horizon 2020

Key European companies, gathered in the European Round Table of Industrialists, join the ERC and the wider scientific community, including Euroscience, in pushing for a budget for Horizon 2020 at least as large as the European Commission proposed. Europe needs the scientific and technological talents, and an environment in which they can work on the grand challenges societies face.

Dowload here

React: Horizon 2020 to suffer badly

In moves to find compromises on the EU’s multiannual financial framework, EU leaders turn their backs towards the future. They seem to be poised to rally around the vested interests of cohesion and agriculture. The latest proposal from EU’s president van Rompuy, considerably lower than his previous one, contains only small cuts in the cohesion and agriculture budgets. The price has to be paid by the budget for competitiveness and growth. The budget line from which Horizon 2020 is to be paid, still 102 billion, in van Rompuy’s previous proposal, now is down to 95 billion, and as Horizon 2020 is by far the largest item in this line, it is clear that Research and Innovation will suffer considerably.


How backward can leaders be, Euroscience asks?


23 November 2012



EuroScience Statement on Horizon 2020 budget

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Call Icon.jpgEuroScience endorses the appeal of European Nobel and Fields medal laureates who warn about the disastrous implications of cuts in European budgets for research and innovation.

Read the statement and feel free to comment it on the Euroscientist


EuroScience is also supporting the “No Cut on Research” movement, we invite you to sign the petition.

Find more about the Nobel laureates who today met Presidents of EU institutions to warn against cuts to the EU research budget, see the European Research Council (ERC) statement. 

Former President Prof. Enric Banda interview

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Publication 2.jpgFormer President of EuroScience Prof. Enric Banda offered an interview to the journal International Innovation (October 2012). To see statement about Euroscience and its increasing influence on science policy: 

>>click here

Raising ESOF awareness to the European Parliament Members (MEPs)

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/logo-esof.jpgA supplement to the Parliament magazine was issued on October 15th. In these 12 pages, MEPs will find information, pictures and interviews  about Euroscience, ESOF2012, as well as the upcoming ESOF2014…


>>Read More

Winners Announced

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Science In Society/Science TV and New Media Festival/Festival evening/Prizes.JPGEuropean Science TV and New Media Award evening held in Lisbon on 23rd November this year revealed its seven winners. To see the names of the winners for each category please >> click here  

New statutes officially validated

tl_files/Euroscience/About Us/Icon Statutes.jpg

The General Assembly approved the new EuroScience Statutes (available also in French) on 14 July at ESOF2012. The local authority in France validated the statutes on 30 November 2012.

EuroScience Ethics Charter

tl_files/Euroscience/About Us/Icon Statutes.jpgEuroScience, conscious of its responsibilities and role as representative of the European science community at large, has established this Ethics Charter of its fundamental principles, which it applies to its staff, members, donors, partners and contractors. Read More>>


EuroScience on L’Aquila: Science to learn, not to be sentenced; public authorities to be centre stage

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Rights of scientists Icon.jpgEuroScience strongly opposes the sentencing of seven Italian scientists, mostly seismologists, one being an Italian official, by an Italian judge for manslaughter for failure to warn and prepare the population of l’Aquila properly against the devastating earthquake in 2009. Read more>>

The EuroScience statement was covered by the Irish TimesThe Guardian and Research Europe Today.

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Rights of scientists Icon.jpg

ESOF2012 Photo Gallery

EuroScience Foundation Science Writer Award 2011

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgTiit Kändler has been awarded prize for the senior laureate.

Karine Nazaretyan and Robert Gast have been awarded prize for the junior laureates.


The award ceremony took place at ESOF2012 in Dublin on 14th July, the EuroScience Foundation sponsors the Awards. Read more>>

Rammal Awardee 2011

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgThe 2011 Rammal Award has been awarded to:




Prof. Chris Llewellyn-Smith, Chair of the Board of SESAME and former Director General of CERN, accepted the Rammal Medal and presented SESAME as a special guest at the 2012 Euroscience General Assembly in Dublin (14th July 2012).


The medal is awarded each year to an outstanding personality/organisation of strong scientific stature from one of the Mediterranean countries, promoting peace,  international cooperation and development in this part of the world. Read more>> 


ESOF2012 has been one of the most successful to date

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/ESOF/ESOF 2012/convention center.jpgEuroScience has just completed a very successful ESOF (Euroscience Open Forum) conference held in Dublin on 11th-15th July, which in the eyes of participants, including key European figures such as EC Commissioner Mary Geoghan-Quinn and Chief Scientific Advisor to EC President Barroso, prof Anne Glover, has clearly established itself as the European meeting for scientists, politicians, media representatives, and other stakeholders (including the general public) in science across disciplines who enjoy to discuss science, science policy, and science and society issues.

Read more>>

Press release

tl_files/Euroscience/About Us/Organisation/Governing Board/Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen.jpgProfessor Lauritz B. Holm-Nielsen succeeds Professor Enric Banda as President of EuroScience. Read more >>

Press release: Governing Board election results

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Call Icon.jpgWe are glad to announce that the results of the Governing Board Election (2012-2014) are now availble. Prof. Lauritz Holm-Nielsen is the new Euroscience president as of the end of the General Assemby 14 July 2012. Read more>>

General Assembly, July 14, 2012

tl_files/Euroscience/About Us/Icon general assembly.jpgSaturday July 14, 2012 10:45am - 12:45pm, at Liffey Hall 2 at the EuroScience Open Forum in Dublin.


General Assembly documents

  • Amendments to the Statutes were proposed. Read more>>

  • Professor Anne Glover, Scientific Advisor to President Barroso of the European Commission, addressed the General Assembly on her vision on the importance of European Science and Science Based Policy Making.
  • Professor Chris Llewellyn-Smith is the Chair of the Board of the SESAME Project in Jordan, which is the recipient of the Rammal Award 2011. He explained the importance of SESAME for scientific and political cooperation in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Read More>>

Press Release: European Science TV and New Media Festival 2012

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Call Icon.jpgThe organizers of the Festival, EuroScience, EuroPAWS and Agtel, are pleased to announce the holding of the 2012 European Science TV and New Media Festival in Dublin from 13 to 15 July. The screenings, keynote talks and discussion sessions will all be held at the Synge theatre in Trinity College Dublin between 9.00am and 6.00pm. Read more>>

Key EuroScience events at ESOF2012

If you are in Dublin during ESOF2012, make sure you will attend the following: 

Scientific Programme


Career Programme



See: All the ESOF2012 programme.

Press release

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Media Coverage Icon.jpgProfessor Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor to EC President Barroso, Euroscience Guest of Honour at ESOF 2012 in Dublin. More>>

ES Governing Board Elections 2012-2014

tl_files/Euroscience/About Us/Organisation Icon.jpgDue to technical problems (inadvertently the emails by which we alerted our members to the elections, were sent to only part of our membership) the deadline for voting has been extended until 29th June, 5 PM CEST.

If you have already voted your choices have been taken into account and you need to take no further action.



22 Highly qualified candidates have applied.


All EuroScience members have the right to be part of the election and to vote for the 16 new Governing Board members.


In order to consult candidates and to vote the EuroScience members will need to log in to their profile.


The results will be communicated at the ES General Assembly to be held on 14th July 2012 at 10.45-12:45pm at ESOF2012, Liffey Hall 2, Dublin, Ireland.


Should you need further information please contact the EuroScience office. More>>

EuroScience young researcher questionnaire

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Young researchers Icon.jpgEuroScience is currently running an online questionnaire for young researchers in order to understand better the challenges, opportunities, motivations and career paths they face. More>>


To access the questionnaire, click here.

EuroScience has selected the 2012 European Young Researchers' Award!

tl_files/Euroscience/Activities/Awards Icon.jpgThis year the European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA) was to recognize researchers with up to five years’ experience after their first PhD, who have demonstrated outstanding research performance and leadership and have incorporated a clear European dimension into their research. More>>

EuroScience has a new website!

tl_files/Euroscience/Community/Social media Icon.jpg

On the occasion of the “Europe day” celebrated on 9th May, EuroScience launched a newly designed website. The new EuroScience website has been developed to meet wishes of European scientists to


  • have a platform for debate on science, technology and research policies;
  • strengthen the links between science and society;
  • contribute to the creation of an integrated space for science and technology in Europe, linking research organisations and policies at national and EU level;
  • influence science and technology policies.


The current website is still in a trial version and EuroScience invites you to make comments and suggestions to improve it.

The call for the European Young Researchers' Award 2012 is now Closed

tl_files/Euroscience/Communication/Call Icon.jpgWe invite all European Young Researchers which comply with the qualification and eligibility criteria to apply! More>>

EuroScience has elected a new Secretary General

tl_files/Euroscience/About Us/Organisation Icon.jpgAt EuroScience's Board meeting on the 30-31st of January 2012, at the Royal Institution in London, Dr. Peter Tindemans was elected Secretary General of EuroScience. Dr. Raymond Seltz will continue as Deputy Secretary General.

Download the complete press release

You can read the short CV of Dr. Tindemans

What Euroscience has done for the S&T Community in 2011

You can now download the report on what EuroScience has done for the Science and Technology Community in 2011:

European Science TV & New Media Festival 2012

The organizers of the Festival are pleased to announce the Call for TV programmes or New Media productions for the 2012 European Science TV and New Media Festival, which will take place in Dublin from 13 to 15 July.