Irish section


We are pleased to announce the formation of an Irish Group of EuroScience. The Group will work to promote Irish participation in the activities of EuroScience, in particular in the run up to the EuroScience Open Forum to be held in Dublin in 2012 (ESOF2012). The Group will also provide a grass roots forum for Irish researchers in Ireland, facilitating discussion of issues such as the links between science and society, the development of national science and technology policies and career structures for researchers.

Anyone interested in joining the Irish group should contact Vincent Mc Carthy at

Note that the Group represents researchers of all disciplines, including social sciences and humanities.

Statement by Prof. Patrick Cunningham on the establishment of the Irish regional section of EuroScience:

Patrick Cunningham

“I am delighted to see the establishment of an Irish section of EuroScience. As Ireland continues its strategy of prioritising investment in science in these challenging economic times it is important that the scientific community in Ireland has a tangible identity and a coherent voice. The section will also play a key role in ensuring that the EuroScience Open Forum in Dublin in 2012 is an outstanding success.”

Prof. Patrick Cunningham
Former Chief Scientific Adviser to the Government