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Please find below the benefits of the three types of memberships offered by EuroScience. If you are interested, please create an account on the EuroScience Conferences and Members Platform (ESCMP). You will then receive a confirmation email with a link to ESCMP. Once there, please complete the first form, click on “Become a member” and follow the instructions. You may cancel your membership at any time.

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Ideal for Anyone

Associate membership


Register to ESCMP, the members' platform

No credit card required

- Participate and speak in General Assemblies (no voting right)

- Contribute and participate in Local Sections and WordGroups

- Receive all newsletters and publications by e-mail (spam free)

- Receive all calls in priority

- Suggest articles to EuroScientist

- Support the scientific crowd without any efforts

- Show your interest in our actions

- Keep us happy and motivated

Ideal for Committed people

Full membership

50€ / year*

*Reduced fee: 25€ (students, PhD, young researchers)
Register to ESCMP, the members' platform

- Join our network

- Access our directory and networking activities

- Promote your website or activity in our directory

- Vote during General Assemblies

- Vote for the Governing Board members

- Apply to be a Governing Board member

- Get a 100€ discount on ESOF fees

- Propose top-down sessions for ESOF

- A Nature (NPB publications) subscription for only 40€

- Premium and continuous support from the EuroScience office for your career, ideas and activities

- + all the "Associate members" benefits

Ideal for Organisations

Corporate membership

1500€ / year

Register to ESCMP, the members' platform

- Nominate 15 full individual members

- Use the EuroScience room during ESOF

- Network and partner with other structures to better serve the community

- Become a EuroScientist supporter and benefit from reduced fees for sponsored issues

- Publish opinion and non-commercial pieces on HSE

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We are always glad to have your opinion on relevant matters. If you would like us to spread a news for you or get involved, please contact the EuroScience office and we will get involved.

If you are a journalist and would like to submit an article to EuroScientist, please send us an e-mail.

EuroScience will only publish content or get involved in activities that respect our ethics and values.

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Every Full Member is entitled to use the EuroScience Conferences and Members Platform (ESCMP), a tool designed to make your experience with EuroScience as easy and smooth as possible.

  • Get in touch with other members
  • Showcase your CV in your profile
  • Submit proposals for ESOF

Join or create a Local Section

Since the EuroScience office is located in Strasbourg, our Local Sections help us to reach out people locally and to participate to or create small local events.

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Join or create a Workgroup

The EuroScience WorkGroups are a gathering of any member interested in sharing their opinions or learning more about any topic related to Science, Innovation or Society.

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