The European Commission has published from which budgets it will draw the funds for its own contribution to the European Fund for Strategic Investments, which then should trigger a multiplier effect through contributions from the European Investment Bank, national governments and the private sector.


Open to scientists, students and the public, one hundred images will be selected by a jury of scientists, photographers and imaging experts.


We wish you all a rewarding 2015. Let us look back at our main achievements in 2014 and glance at our crystal ball for the year to come.


EuroScience expresses its strong solidarity with the population of France and especially our French colleagues in EuroScience in these days when mortal attacks have been carried out on journalists standing for the freedom of speech, and therefore on that freedom itself.


EuroScience has learned with concern the arrest and detention of the well-known Palestinian astronomer prof. Imad al-Barghouthi traveling to a conference.