In light of recent events in the UK we would like to reassure those coming to ESOF of both the conference and Manchester’s dedication to science and scientific collaboration. We, the scientists, are one big family, whose rules and values extend well beyond political and geographic borders. This is one of the rare moments in history that requires us to demonstrate this unity and solidarity.


Vicky Rosin, programme director for the EuroScience Open Forum 2016 said: “The EuroScience Open Forum is, at its heart a European conference, but with a distinct global appeal. Scientists, innovators, students, policymakers and persons interested in science from all over the world attend and participate in the conference and it will go ahead as planned.


Organisers of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) 2016, held in Manchester this summer (July 24-27), have announced fourteen topical sessions which feature some of the programme’s best speakers tackling areas such as doping in elite sport, global pandemics and cyber security. The sessions will be delivered together with over 125 main programme sessions, to which almost 700 speakers are expected to contribute.


Promoting science among youth has been an important aspect of EuroScience’s vision for ESOF since the very first conference in 2004. Now, 12 years later, ESOF has been established as Europe’s largest general conference on research and innovation. It attracts 4500+ delegates, including 1,000 young researchers.


EuroScience is very disappointed about the decision of the UK people to leave the EU. ESOF 2016 event in July in Manchester will demonstrate that UK scientists are as much a part of the European scientific community as before the vote to leave.