About Us

About EuroScience

EuroScience is the european association for the advancement of science and technology. Our goal is an open, inclusive, and healthy scientific system that works for the benefit of all of society. 

As a membership-based non-profit organization we offer a platform to researchers and research professionals to meet and discuss relevant transdisciplinary matters, in science and society.

Through our events and activities, we strive to empower the individual researcher. We aim at creating a modern, responsible, and healthy European Research community that has a positive impact on society.

  • Sustainable Academic Careers
  • Mental health, Public Engagement
  • True Science Dialogue
  • Inclusive Science
  • Freedom and Societal Responsibility of Science
  • Truly Open Science

This is what we work for!


The vision of EuroScience is a scientific workforce that creates positive change for society.

This vision expresses our desire to support the development of a responsible scientific community that contributes to the well-being and prosperity of mankind and to the capacity of society to face the political, social, environmental and economic challenges ahead.


EuroScience acts to create the necessary conditions to empower the scientific community to strengthen its societal engagement and accountability by integrating a role for citizen involvement and scrutiny, while at the same time preserving the values of research freedom: open, exploratory, expert, curiosity-driven scientific investigation, with liberty of thought and expression.

EuroScience wants to:

Our history

EuroScience has been founded in 1997 by 250 scientists and research professionals from 25 European Countries. The objective was to bring together people interested in Science, Technology and Humanities through communication, open discussion, and collaboration. Since its inception, EuroScience actively participated in shaping policies for science, technology, and innovation with the focus on Europe.

The first Secretary General of EuroScience, Françoise Praderie, described the role of EuroScience as such:

“We would be neither lobby nor trade union, nor simply a think tank, but as large group as possible of citizens, scientists from civil society; we would certainly seek to influence European science and technology policies and also be a link between science and technology on one hand and society a large on the other. We wanted to show our fellow citizens the true face of scientific enterprise and stakes involved, to question our own practices and collect the reactions of all those who declared themselves concerned.”

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