About EuroScience



EuroScience is the European Association for the Advancement of Science and Technology for the benefit of society with Individual and corporate members from 75 countries.

EuroScience members are researchers and science professionals from public and private universities, businesses, media, authorities, NGOs and citizens engaged in science. Members have backgrounds from all scientific disciplines, including engineering, life sciences, social sciences and humanities.

A distinguishing feature of EuroScience is that it represents its members as individual professionals, independently of their affiliation or employer. This places EuroScience in a unique position to reflect and debate on science and the science system in general, the relation of science to society and the role of the science professions in promoting well-being and societal progress. EuroScience consults its membership, both directly and through its Working Groups, on major topics of importance for science and society and offers a “voice” for expression of the position of science professionals through public statements and messages to political institutions, policy makers, businesses and the public.

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The vision of EuroScience is a scientific workforce that creates positive change for society.

This vision expresses our desire to support the development of a responsible scientific community that contributes to the well-being and prosperity of mankind and to the capacity of society to face the political, social, environmental and economic challenges ahead.


EuroScience acts to create the necessary conditions to empower the scientific community to strengthen its societal engagement and accountability by integrating a role for citizen involvement and scrutiny, while at the same time preserving the values of research freedom: open, exploratory, expert, curiosity-driven scientific investigation, with liberty of thought and expression.


From its inception in 1997, EuroScience has been active in shaping policies for science, technology and innovation from the discussions leading to the European Charter and Code for Researchers, establishing the European Research Council (ERC), or the shaping of Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe and its budgets in the EU Financial Framework 2014-2020 and 2021-2027. EuroScience also has played key roles in several EU-projects.

Françoise Praderie, the first Secretary General of EuroScience (1997-2000) described her perspective of the foundation of EuroScience in a speech on the occasion of the award of the Fondation La Ferthé Prize. Read Françoise Praderie’s speech on How did EuroScience start?

10th Anniversary Publication, Reflections after the first 10 years by 10 strongly involved and engaged top members.