Open letter “They have chosen ignorance!”

Petition for European Researchers

Scientists from different European countries describe in this letter published on October 8, 2015 that, despite marked heterogeneity in the situation of scientific research in their respective countries, there are strong similarities in the destructive policies being followed. This critical analysis, highlighted in Nature and simultaneously published in a number of newspapers across Europe, is a wake-up call to policy makers to correct their course, and to researchers and citizens to defend the essential role of science in society.

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Homo scientificus europaeus

Homo scientificus europaeus

Homo scientificus europaeus is a blog related to improving the working and living conditions of scientists in Europe, which is driven by science activist organisations across Europe and managed by EuroScientist. On this blog, readers are free to share opinions and information. If you would like to participate, please send us an e-mail.

It all started from the realisation that we, as European scientists, need to deal with some issues that are common to all European territories. But, until recently, we were not joining forces to solve them. The trouble is that, until now, these issues were discussed at the national level by well-formed researchers’ communities. And not so much in a concerted way across European borders.

It is now time to make communications beyond borders a reality among us. It is also time that we avail of readily available technology to dissect, discuss and analyse the issues that we face to help devise some proposals to policy makers. This blog has a grassroots vocation and calls upon the voices of researchers at all level of the scientific hierarchy regardless of where they live.

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SCI-DOC: European Science TV and new media festival

One of the important ways of reaching and inspiring a general public with science and technology is via the audio-visual media – television and the web/new media. The European Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology, EuroScience and the European Public Awareness of Science organisation have joined forces to establish an annual European Science TV and New Media Festival and Awards.

These are designed as two events for practical reasons, the festival being three days and the awards being an evening event later in the year. As well as presenting and celebrating the best films/programmes and the winning entries from across Europe, the festival and awards address issues in science and its communication via keynote talks and panel-led discussions involving the unique cross-cultural and cross-professional audiences. The events are also open to a wider public, who have a vote on best production. Find out about the eight prize categories and watch a video of the 2013 awards evening.

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