The Science TV and New Media Festival prize categories

Eight Prize Categories

The Prize Categories Awards are offered in four television and new media genres, and in four “science in society” areas.

Science and Technology

  • TV Documentaries
  • TV Drama or Docu-drama
  • TV General Programming (i.e. magazines, politics shows, natural world, etc…)
  • New Media Productions (including WEB, iPOD, Promotional Video, etc…)

Science in Society

  • The best presentation of science or technology in relation to an environmental issue
  • The best presentation of a woman scientist or engineer, real or acted
  • The best presentation of Medical Research
  • The best production as judged by the festival theatre audience

The winners of the first seven categories are chosen by an international jury of Scientists/Engineers and TV/New Media people. Each winner receives a trophy and a certificate, and the travel of one person per production to the awards evening is covered.