More about the EuroScience directory

What does it imply to be part of the EuroScience directory?

The aim of the directory list is to build collaborative networks among EuroScience members and to facilitate their communication. We encourage all our members to join the directory for the common objective to enhance science and the scientific society!

  • Only full and corporate members will be granted access to the directory list, consult, copy and print the following information for educational, scientific, or research purposes and for his/her personal use only: Title, First Name, Surname, E-mail, Organisation/Company, Address, Postal Code, Country, Scientific Area, Website, and Keywords.
  • Associate members may be listed in directory if they agree so, however, they are unable to consult it. For networking purposes, they may be approached by full and corporate members.
  • The aforementioned details will only appear on the condition that a member has given the permission to have his/her details listed in the directory.
  • The permission is given by ticking the “yes” box under the item “I would like to add my details into the directory” in the registration form.
  • We guarantee that no other personal details will be published.

For questions or specific concerns about the directory list, please contact the EuroScience office.