Call for Scientific Programme Submissions

Science as revolution, from Cottonopolis to Graphene City

Modern science was born in the turmoil of the Renaissance and has produced a succession of revolutions in the ways we understand and shape our world. In 2016 the major event of European science comes to Manchester, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution, a city whose ideas have always challenged the established order. Our motto ‘Science as Revolution’ is an invitation for breakthrough ideas which could continue those revolutions to be shared and challenged!

From 2nd March we are inviting proposals for Scientific Session Proposals for ESOF 2016.

View the call for Scientific Programme proposals in full here:

ESOF 2016 Manchester – Themes

The conference will highlight and interrogate the interplay between science and society, the conditions that foster scientific and technological breakthroughs, processes of expected and unexpected discovery and application and the wider socio-cultural environment – including the contribution of education, innovation policy, investment, and funding mechanisms and the popular communication of scientific advances.

Read the themes for ESOF 2016 in full here.