The Rammal Award laureates from 2000 to 2008 were Prof. Moulay BRAHIM SEDRA (2008), Prof. Daniel Amit (2007), Prof. Chergui and Prof. Gérard Lefranc (2006), Prof. El Hassan Saidi (2005)…


The Bologna Process is a coordinated set of activities in the field of higher education policy aimed at realizing a fully operational European Higher Education Area by 2010. EuroScience is a “partner” member of the Bologna Process since 2008.


From 2001 to 2008, European Science Writers Awards were decernated to José María Valderas, Rabea Rentschler, Alok Jha, Christina Berndt, Miklos Hargitai, Bas Kast, Arne Ruth, Andreas Feiertag, Gero von Randow, Ulrika Björksten, and Philipp Campbell.


The third joint symposium of the“Science and Urgent Problems of Society”and the GeoRisk Commission of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics was held in Munich during ESOF 2006.


On 16th July 2006 a session on achieving Open Access by self-archiving was held at the EuroScience Open Forum in Munich. Helene Bosc (INRA), as convenor, introduced the topic and the speakers.


The goal of the Science Publishing workgroup is to help find answers to some of the questions raised by the evolution of scientific communication by internet and which are confronted by scientists.


The workgroup “Public Awareness of Science” met in Freiburg on 8 July 2000 to discuss future activities. As important points they named: gathering information about funds and help EuroScience to be more visible.


The Rammal Award laureates from 1993 to 1997 were: Miguel Virasoro (1993), Celal Sengor (1994), Habib Bouchriha and Faouzia Charfi (1995), Manuel Velarde (1996), Lotfia El Nadi (1997).