We, the undersigned, scientists, concerned citizens, innovators in or from Europe, welcome the proposal for Horizon Europe. But we urge the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament in light of growing geopolitical challenges as well as very high levels of competition to create a step change in budgetary commitment for Research […]


Independence is vital for science and a necessary condition for society to reap the largest benefits from research and innovation. Academies of Science should benefit from the highest level of independence, as governments all over the world call upon the Academies to provide advice on how scientific developments impact our societies and how scientific evidence can inform policy in numerous and essential areas of importance for our countries.


Maria Cristina Pedicchio, president of the Italian National Institute of Oceanography and Applied Geophysics and member of ESOF 2020 Trieste Steering Committee has just written for EuroScientist about the new Italian government and its position on science. There is a refreshing new tone both in the Italian Parliament and Government. A rejuvenated politics, with a shot of […]


The next General Assembly (GA) of EuroScience will take place on 11 July on Wednesday, July 11, between 10h15-11h30, at the  Hotel Novotel – meeting rooms Cumparsita+Tango Vivo+Milonga


European Science TV and New Media Festival (SCI-DOC) Dissemination Event to be held at the celebrated Globe theatre at CERN on World Environment Day, June 5 2018.


The award is presented at the upcoming EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) to insure large audience and recognition. The five finalists nominated by the Jury are …


It is a great pleasure for me and the other members o the EuroScience Office in Strasbourg to congratulate our new President, prof. Michael Matlosz, and all the eleven other members of the new Governing Board with their election.


“Missions” will be introduced as a central new tool in the architecture of FP9, though many think they already exist in prior Framework Programmes. They can provide a new perspective but it is quite an exaggeration to say that “most technologies have emerged from missions”: curiosity-driven research led to many. Several issues need more elaboration.


EuroScience full members had until May 10, 12pm CEST the right to elect up to 12 members of the new Governing Board of EuroScience, including a new President.


EuroScience is proud to announce that Dr. Ismail Serageldin is the recipient of the 2018 Rammal Award for his many scientific contributions in economic development and sustainable agriculture for food security in the developing countries as well as for his tireless campaigning for mutual understanding, tolerance, learning and understanding between peoples, religions and nations.