EuroScience president prof. Michael Matlosz has gladly accepted invitation from Dr Federica Bressan, a young aspiring researcher who is the founder of the newly created Podcast Technoculture. Michael Matlosz was honoured to be the first guest to be invited and interviewed in her first episode.


EuroScience is looking for a staff officer to strengthen the EuroScience office. The ideal candidate is a generalist who will have four main responsibilities.

The Marie Curie Alumni Association and Sense about Science are holding a Standing up for Science EU workshop at the Institute for Research in Biomedicine in Barcelona on Friday 30th November 2018.


During the first World Conference on Science Literacy, some fifteen organisations from around the world, including CAST, AAAS and EuroScience, involved in science literacy and science communication agreed on a Declaration on the importance of Public Science Literacy, which was adopted by the full Conference in its closing session.


NUCLEUS is a Horizon 2020 fuded project whose role is to investigate and understand the challenges to RRI within universities and research institutions, and to recommend implementation strategies that have been tested in practice. The 4th NUCLEUS Conference will present the results from nearly three years of case studies and RRI test-beds designed to apply stakeholder-related approaches of RRI in real contexts.


Another edition of ESOF is over. Hearing the reactions of many participants we believe that ESOF2018 was a success and the Toulouse team can be proud of what has been achieved.


The European Young Researchers Award ceremony was held on 12 July on the occasion of the 8th edition of ESOF2018 hosted by Toulouse. Organisation of the EYRA 2018 prize dedicated to Post docs was slightly different than we were used to see in the past years.


EuroScience has learned with great sadness that ing. Pierpaolo Ferrante died on August 5, 2018 after being hit by a stroke a few days after ESOF2018. Pierpaolo was one of the drivers behind the Trieste bid to organize ESOF2020.


We, the undersigned, scientists, concerned citizens, innovators in or from Europe, welcome the proposal for Horizon Europe. But we urge the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament in light of growing geopolitical challenges as well as very high levels of competition to create a step change in budgetary commitment for Research […]


Independence is vital for science and a necessary condition for society to reap the largest benefits from research and innovation. Academies of Science should benefit from the highest level of independence, as governments all over the world call upon the Academies to provide advice on how scientific developments impact our societies and how scientific evidence can inform policy in numerous and essential areas of importance for our countries.