ESOF Committee Members

Marja Makarow

Chair of the ESOF committee

Director of Biocenter Finland

Jiří Drahoš

Member of the Senate of the Parliament Czech Republic

Gail Cardew

EuroScience Vice-President

Grazia Vittadini

Chief Technology Officer at Airbus

Prof. Michael Matlosz

EuroScience President
Professor of chemical engineering at the University of Lorraine

Rolf Tarrach

European University Association, Belgium

Prof. Emeritus Svend Erik Larsen

Comparative Literature at Aarhus University

Prof. Stefano Fantoni

ESOF2020 Champion

Dr. Christine Heller del Riego

Director of Science Stories, Denmark

Ingrid Wünning Tschol

Senior Vice-President for Health and Science
Robert Bosch Stiftung Foundation, Germany

Dr. Marc Schiltz

President of Science Europe
CEO of FNR Luxembourg

Prof. Lorna Hughes

Vice-President EuroScience
Professor in Digital Humanities at the University of Glasgow