EuroScience involvement in past European projects

EuroScience has a long experience in science policy and project management. EuroScience has been a contributor to FP6, FP7 and Horizon 2020. EuroScience has been coordinator of EARTHWAKE and partner of EUROWISTDOM, FP6 programmes on science communication through television. Here are some of the projects EuroScience participated in.


genSET improves individual and collective capacity for action to increase women’s participation in science. It develops practical ways to incorporate gender knowledge and gender mainstreaming expertise into European science institutions. These activities include innovative Consensus Seminars of gender experts and European science leaders; Capacity Building Workshops for over 100 scientific institutions; and Valorisation Symposia engaging scientists and decision makers at national level. For more information:


Earthwake aims at using the appeal of popular strands of European TV to create a new awareness and interest in science. Unlike science programmes which often address the converted audiences, Earthwake reflected the new philosophy of « science in society », introducing much more science into drama, wildlife programmes and sports, which command huge audiences. Earthwake prepared a strategy in the context of FP7 with the goal to produce an agenda for the coming years.

European Women in Science – TV Drama on message

The project tackled the lack of female role models in science and engineering in European countries, i.e. Germany, in giving women a leading role in science and technology based stories in TV. Writers or producer-writer teams from all over Europe were encouraged to develop ideas for TV drama and series and could expect a 7000 EUR support package if their proposal was selected by the Jury.