EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF)

ESOF2022, Euroscience Open Forum, Leiden, The Netherlands

What is ESOF?

The EuroScience Open Forum is a transdisciplinary science conference created in 2004 by EuroScience. It’s the largest largest conference of this kind in Europe and brings together scientists, policy makers and all other people interested in science and trechnology. ESOF offers an independent arena for open and critical dialogue on science, scientific practice and its impact on society. It is an inspirational melting pot which generates new ideas and actions for the future of science.  

As a truly pan-European event, ESOF  is organized every two years in a different European city to highlight the richnesss and diversity of the European research landscape and foster mutual leaning. Host cities have been so far  Stockholm (2004), Munich (2006), Barcelona (2008), Turin (2010), Dublin (2012), Copenhagen (2014), Manchester (2016), Toulouse (2018), Trieste (2020) and Leiden and the regional Site Katowice (2022).

ESOF is promoting inclusivity and openness and is therefore free of charge for speakers and presenters.   

It is also a unique opportunity for networking across all career levels and sectors from scientific institutions over funders, to policy makers.

What can you expect at ESOF?

  • Main Scientific Programme:  A rich and high-quality programme with many opportunities to debate with high level speakers but also with hands on experiences.
  1. Interactive sessions on contemporary scientific and societal issues
  2. High-level Keynotes (Nobel prizes, leading scientists, policy makers etc.)
  3. Workshops
  4. Field trips to scientific sites
  5. Poster presentations
  • Networking and other events: Many events and networking opportunities will help you to grow your network and enjoy the company of your science interested peers.
  1. Delegate Party
  2. Prestigious Awards (ex: EYRA, ERC Public Engagement with Research Award, etc.)
  3. Satellite events on various topics
  • Exhibition: Meet exhibitors and sponsors: companies, funding institutions, exchange Services, national research agencies etc. Find out about their activities and latest projects or find new career paths.
  • European Science in the City Festival: It offers the opportunity for the general public to discover collaborative science on a European level. Free and open exhibitions, fairs, and hands-on experiments provide scientific experiences for everyone.

Why you should come to ESOF!

ESOF will give you the opportunity to:

  • Connect with other participants and grow your network
  • Develop your projects and collaborations
  • Share your experience, questions,  needs and opinions on Science and Technology
  • Exchange with peers from other disciplines on common issues
  • Get new insights about the latest developments in Science and Technology
  • Discuss and debate the latest issues in Science and Technology
  • Find out about job opportunities
  • Find funding opportunities
  • Meet Nobel Prizes, High-Level Personalities, Senior Researchers, Policy makers, etc.

ESOF is the place to be if you want to expand your horizon, train your out-of-the-box thinking and experience a truly transdisciplinary science world.