EuroScientist Webzine

What is the EuroScientist?

The EuroScientist is the Webzine of EuroScience. Following the motto “European science conversations by the community, for the community”, the EuroScientist addresses topics related to scientific practice, culture and the impact of science on society.

The EuroScientist contributes to debates on topics related to innovation and Science by publishing articles, opinions, podcasts and expert perspectives coming from all actors of the scientific community.

Articles are published every week, so don’t hesitate to send us yours if you want it to be published!

How to contribute?

To be published your article should be:

  • written in English;
  • about 500 to 800 words long;
  • understandable for non-experts
  • follow the NASW ethics code for science writers.   

When your article is ready, send it to us!

Don’t know how to start?

Find here the Top Tips to write a compelling article  :

If you are not sure about the format or the topic of your article , don’t hesitate to contact us.