The EYRA 2014 laureate Rebecca Melen, at ESOF 2014 Copenhagen

And the EYRA 2014 winner is…

The EYRA 2014 winner

The 2014 European Young Researchers’ Award (EYRA) is to recognize young researchers having successfully defended their first PhD with up to five years of experience after their PhD, who have demonstrated outstanding research performance and leadership and have incorporated a clear European dimension into their research.

The International Selection Committee appointed by the Euroscience Board has unanimously recommended to award the 2014 EYRA to:

Dr. Rebecca Melen

Scientific field: Inorganic Chemistry, Catalysis
Affiliation: Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg, Germany

The EYRA 2014 evaluation criteria

  • The research should be of demonstrably excellent quality (publications, prizes, prestigious grants etc)
  • The research must have a clear European dimension, either because it is a collaboration of researchers in different European countries, or it is a research project in one European country that addresses a research topic of European significance
  • The applicant should have demonstrated independence and (the potential of) leadership or a central role in the research project; should have inspired students working for him as well as colleagues; and should have initiated outreach to wider audiences

Evaluation Summary