EuroScience partner in issuing Beijing Declaration on Science Literacy

During the first World Conference on Science Literacy that was organised from 17-19 September 2018 in Beijing by the China Association for Science and Technology CAST, one of the grassroots science organisations EuroScience teams up with in the Liaison Group, which also comprises for example AAAS.

During the Conference some fifteen organisations from around the world, including CAST, AAAS and EuroScience, involved in science literacy and science communication agreed on a Declaration on the importance of Public Science Literacy, which was adopted by the full Conference in its closing session. The Declaration stresses the importance to engage with the public and develop an understanding of science, its impact as well as the nature of the scientific process. It also points to the responsibility of science and technology organisations for the promotion of public science literacy.

EuroScience Secretary General, Peter Tindemans, held two presentations in Beijing. One was on “Societal dimensions of scientific literacy: a European vision” (here is a PowerPoint). The other was about Science Literacy Promotion — Innovation and Development.