Citizen Science

Citizen Science Session at ESOF 2016

There is an increasingly lively discussion going on about Citizen Science and the relationship between citizens, researchers, media and policymakers in Europe.

Following a debate of these issues in Brussels in June at an event (more at co-hosted with Elsevier and REIsearch, Sense about Science has mapped out in an infographic the different relationships to enable people to take a more strategic approach to Citizen Science, to develop joint goals and to identify areas for collaboration.

On the occasion of ESOF 2016 in Manchester, Elsevier will convene this session at which Sense about Science will present an infographic and ask representatives from the European Parliament, the European Commission, media and the scientific community, what are the priorities and are we creating an environment that is conducive to Citizen Science.

Time & Location

Tuesday 26th July, 8.30 – 9.45

EuroScience Room

Panel participants

  • Paul Rubig, Member of the European Parliament
  • Jean-Claude Burgelman, Head of Unit (Data, Open Access and Foresight), DG Research & Innovation, European Commission
  • Peter Tindemans, Secretary General, EuroScience
  • Erika Widegren, Chairman of the REISearch Advisory Board
  • Elizabeth Crossick, Head of Government Affairs, Brussels, RELX

Please join us at ESOF to continue the discussion we started in June in Brussels.