#dealforscience – Wellcome, EuroScience and EU-LIFE launch petition for an agreement on scientific cooperation after Brexit

International collaboration makes science stronger, yet uncertainty around the future relationship between the EU and the UK after Brexit could disrupt this. That’s why EU-LIFE, EuroScience and Wellcome have launched a petition, #dealforscience, to help the research community show how much they want a good deal for science. It calls on the UK and EU governments to reach an agreement on scientific collaboration as soon as possible. Should Brexit go ahead, we have to be ready to get the best possible deal for science – and that’s why this petition has to happen now.  

By getting as many researchers to sign up as possible we can have a bigger impact when we argue for progress in Brussels, London and with governments across Europe. 

Please help us to get as many signatures as possible.

You can support the petition HERE .