Brexit: UK leaving European Union

Deploring UK decision to leave, EuroScience will work on good conditions for cooperation

EuroScience is very disappointed about the decision of the UK people to leave the European Union.

The scientific community in the UK has over the years clearly demonstrated the value of close cooperation in a European context, and the scientists in the other EU member states have benefited as well from this. We are sad that the spectre of immigration has been recklessly exploited in the campaign, because as scientists we always believe that all barriers to international cooperation which include barriers against temporarily or permanently moving to another country are neither in the interest of science nor in the longer-term interest of societies. Of course, the EU can do much better to create a Europe-wide knowledge-based society. That was not at stake. For EuroScience nothing much changes. As a grass-roots organisation of scientists we are not tied to the EU or to any particular country. Our next EuroScience Open Forum ESOF 2016 in July in Manchester will demonstrate that the UK scientific community is as much a part of the European scientific community as before the vote to leave. We are also convinced that the ties of cooperation between individual scientists in the UK and in the rest of Europe will not be weakened though there may be practical hurdles to be overcome. EuroScience will continue to let its voice heard in the debates on the new arrangements to be struck between the UK and the EU to ensure the best possible conditions for scientific collaboration between scientists and their institutions in the UK and the rest of Europe.

Lauritz Holm-Nielsen, President
Peter Tindemans, Secretary General
June 24, 2016