ESOF 2016: Grants for students, young researchers and science journalists

ESOF provides young researchers with a unique opportunity to interact with leading scientists from various scientific fields. With up to 1,000 young researchers from across Europe and beyond, ESOF2016 gave them the unique opportunity to expand their networks of international contacts and to establish important links with potential collaborators.

The main networking tool, thoroughly developed for young and mid-career researchers in Europe and around the world, is the ‘Career Programme’. The aim of this complete programme constituted of workshops, panel discussions, debates and networking events, is to provide new skills, ideas and challenges to help the next generations of researchers, science communicators, science teachers and policy makers.

EuroScience would like to take this opportunity to thank all participating funding organizations and universities for their contributions. Presence of these prominent young researchers at ESOF is of a great importance, not only for their own career development but also for the future of science.

ESOF 2016 travel grant sponsors 

The Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO) has been a continuous ESOF supporter for many years. This year again, FWO selected 17 students and young researchers who travelled in July to Manchester to participate in ESOF2016.


Thanks to the generous support from the Robert Bosch Stiftung, EuroScience was able to bring African researchers, involved in international-class scientific work, to Manchester. Participation at ESOF allowed these bright minds to create a platform to present themselves among their peers and seniors. A direct call was spread through the networks of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and EuroScience, after which a selection committee chose 45 highly outstanding researchers, coming from all over the African continent.



In cooperation with the Graphene Flagship and the European Science Foundation, 9 researchers involved in graphene research were selected to attend ESOF 2016 in Manchester and to visit the Graphene Exhibition at the Museum of Science and Industry.

In 2016, ELTE – Eötvös Loránd University in Hungary, Hungary brought the first Hungarian university delegation to ESOF, so to benefit from the diverse range of sessions and opportunities ESOF offers. 13 students were selected and travelled together via plane to Manchester.

Similar to 2014, the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic chose two bright students to attend ESOF in Manchester.

Media Grants

Due to its success, the Nature Travel Grant Scheme that was launched during ESOF2012 and ESOF2014, has again funded journalists from all over the world to attend ESOF2016 to report on the conference and its sessions. 14 journalists with a sold background in reporting science attended the European event. The Nature Travel grantees were offered free registration and a grant to help them cover their travel costs to Manchester and their accommodation costs during the event. The grantees had access to all the sessions proposed and enjoyed the many opportunities the conference had to offer.


Due to the overwhelming response to the Nature Travel Grant Scheme, the ESOF 2016 Team decided to launch a subsequent travel grant scheme to further fund another 22 journalists. Similar to the Nature Scheme, journalists were offered a grant which helped them cover travel and accommodation costs during their stay in Manchester.