ESOF2020 Trieste – Interview with Travel Grantees

Dominiek Lootens is head of the Centre for Dialogue at Campus Riedberg (Frankfurt am Main, Germany). He is Vice-President of SIPCC (Düsseldorf, Germany) and International Advisor of ITMS (Louisville KY, USA). He has worked as Deputy Director of Academic Affairs at UCSIA (Antwerp, Belgium), as Guest-Lecturer at PTHV (Vallendar, Germany) and as Pastoral Educator and Supervisor at Caritas Flanders (Antwerp, Belgium). He holds a Master´s degree in Philosophy and a Ph.D. in Practical Theology. He and his wife live in Schmitten im Hochtaunus (Germany).  

Ibon Santiago studied physics at the University of the Basque Country (Bilbao). He received a MSc from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a doctorate in physics from the University of Oxford, where he worked in DNA nanotechnology and active matter physics. He is currently Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow at the Technical University of Munich. His research focuses on the physics of synthetic biological systems.

ESOF2020: Science at the centre

ESOF talks about transversal topics in science. The interview touches this issue, its importance and impact. Dominiek has come to Trieste in representation of the travel grantees from the Centre for Dialogue, Germany. He retains that despite the fact you meet different disciplines, you find out many of them have similar questions. Moreover, he remarks how ESOF influenced his career paths.

Additionally, the travel grantees narrate their experience in a hybrid format for the conference. Ibon is one of the travel grantees that decided to physically attend ESOF in Trieste. He explains there was the opportunity for online interaction, to make questions and engage. He concludes by encouraging people to attend ESOF, as it is a platform for debate and discussion about science and its role in our society. Watch the video interviews in the links below!

Dominiek Lootens

Ibon Santiago

This interview is part of a Special Issue about ESOF 2020 – held in Trieste, Italy from 2 to 6 September 2020.

Interviews and videos by Federica Bressan