EuroScience’s memorable moments at ESOF2018

Another edition of ESOF is over

On behalf of EuroScience we would like to thank very warmly the entire ESOF2018 team in Toulouse for their great efforts as well as to all sponsors who contributed in delivering ESOF2018.

Hearing the reactions of many participants we believe that ESOF2018 was a success and they can be proud of what has been achieved.

The conference programme, the many social events as well as the Science in the City programme all contributed to ESOF’s special nature as Europe’s largest general science conference that celebrates European science, offers an open forum for wide-ranging discussions on science, science, society and policy, and reaches out to the public in general. On top, Toulouse offered one more example of the diverse traditions in science, history and culture that characterize European Cities of Science.

On the occasion of the closing ceremony, where ESOF2018 passed the torch over to ESOF2020 in Triste, the incumbent president prof. Lauritz Holm-Nielsen handed officially his role over to prof. Michael Matlosz. We would like to thank L. Holm-Nielsen for all his relentless work and efforts he put forth to run the organisation. We herewith warmly welcome the new president who started his mandate in full strength and with a renewed Governing Board.

You may have personally met some of EuroScience representatives (EuroScience staff or Governing Board members) at various venues. One of them was the Euroscience stand in the exhibition hall situated symbolically right next to the ESOF2020 city Trieste or the EuroScience sessions organised by our team. The joint ceremony for Rammal Award and the European Young Researchers Award was undoubtably the most successful EuroScience event. The Rammal winners, Zehra Sayers and Ismail Serageldin, both renowned scientists delivered excellent speeches advocating understanding, tolerance, learning as well as understanding between peoples and nations. They were also pleased to participate in the election of a Young Researcher nominated for a Popular prize voted by the audience. To learn more about the EYRA ceremony, please visit our website.    

Other important activities to be remembered are the Science Meets Poetry event coordinated by the former EuroScience president Prof. Jean-Patrick Connerade. This project was initially founded at ESOF2006 in Munich and was featured as an event to celebrate Ludwig II, the Visionary King of Bavaria, by bringing together scientists, engineers and poets to present the diverse facets of his fascinating and complex personality. Since then, contemporary poets from all over Europe, whether they are themselves scientists, or simply poets fascinated by science, gather at EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) to consider the complex relations between science and poetry.

The European Science TV and New Media Festival – SCI-DOC, which is run jointly by EuroScience and Omni Communications in the UK, awards ten prizes each year both to celebrate successful productions and to help spread good practice. Three examples of very different leading films from the festival were shown at ESOF2018 to  illustrate the strengths of different formats, including TV drama, Short films profiling women scientists and engineers and enthusing young girls, and the documentary winner of the women in Science Award from the festival. A lively discussion included the view that women should not be pressured into conforming to male behavior models, and the challenges of convincing TV channels to take more science based drama featuring women scientists.

An integral part of ESOF is a presence of students, young researchers and journalists who often do not have the resources to cover the travel to an ESOF city. EuroScience in collaboration with several generous sponsors selected 80 young aspiring researchers and students to receive a grant to attend ESOF2018. We would like to thank all sponsors who supported those grantees travel cost: The Robert Bosch Stiftung, NatureThe Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO)The Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR)The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus FoundationThe Swedish Research Council.


ESOF2018 in pictures

  • ESOF2018 venue
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Opening ceremony
  • ESOF2018 Champion A. Cambon-Thomsen
  • EuroScience President L. Holm-Nielsen at that time
  • Commissioner C. Moedas
  • ESOF2018 sponsors
  • ESOF party
  • EuroScience and Trieste stands
  • B. Cahill, J-P. Connerade, J-P Alix
  • EYRA 2017 winner P. Bazilinskyy
  • EYRA 2017 winner A. Consejo
  • EYRA 2017 laureates and sponsor Editage
  • EYRA 2018 Popular prize winner E. Viezzer
  • EYRA 2018 Popular prize winner E. Viezzer
  • EYRA 2018 Popular prize nominees
  • Closing ceremony
  • Handover of presidency
  • Handover of ESOF responsibilities to Prof. S. Fantoni
  • Handover of ESOF responsibilities to Prof. S. Fantoni
  • ESOF2020 Trieste
  • ESOF2020 Trieste