EuroScience condemns the invasion of Ukraine and encourages Russian scientists to sign an open letter against war

EuroScience expresses its firm and resolute condemnation of the totally unacceptable and unjustified military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, in complete disregard for internationally recognised borders and in flagrant violation of international law.  We convey our solidarity with the entire Ukrainian population in the face of this unprovoked aggression and express our unwavering support to all those living in Ukraine and who are so deeply affected by suffering and loss.

EuroScience, as an association of individual researchers and science professionals whose membership is independent of employer, institutional affiliation, country of origin or country of residence, and with members working as active scientists in more than 70 countries, including both Ukraine and Russia, believes that international scientific communication and collaboration are of vital European and worldwide benefit.  EuroScience calls upon its members to distinguish clearly between the lives and accomplishments of colleagues working in the Russian Federation and the inexcusable military action and policies of the Russian government.

Personal relations among scientists, including relations across borders, are an essential feature of the effectiveness of the global scientific community and of science itself.  Despite the necessary institutional and governmental sanctions required in the face of such blatant and hostile aggression, we remind all of the world’s leaders of the essential role that the scientific endeavour has played in the past, including in times of war, as a vector for international diplomatic relations.

We encourage all members of EuroScience, and all researchers and science professionals working in the Russian Federation, to evaluate critically the action of the Russian government and to join in the signature of the open letter of Russian scientists and science journalists against the war with Ukraine.