EuroScience and Editage announce partnership to support European Young Researchers

Every year EuroScience, the European grassroots organization of scientists and other stakeholders in science, selects winners of the European Young Researchers Awards (the EYRAwards) for PhD candidates and postdocs in alternate years. Editage is a company active for more than 15 years in providing services to scientists, universities, and scholarly publishers in areas such as language editing, publication support, and research communication to broad audiences.

EuroScience and Editage proudly announce that Editage will provide the winners of the EYRAwards with a package of support services aimed at disseminating scientific research in enhanced content formats such as videos and infographics, beginning with the awardees to be celebrated at ESOF2018 in Toulouse and continuing to ESOF2020 in Trieste. EuroScience and Editage are happy to contribute in this way to both showcasing the professional practice of young scientists and their skills in science communication.

EuroScience and Editage will further explore how EuroScience activities can be showcased to Editage global research communities and how Editage can contribute content that is of value to EuroScience (web) publications.

Peter Tindemans
Secretary General EuroScience

Satyajit Rout
Head, Research Communication, Editage

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