EuroScience General Assembly at ESOF2018

Dear EuroScience members,

The next General Assembly (GA) of EuroScience is approaching. As you know it will always be held during ESOF, this time in Toulouse. ESOF2018 takes place between 9 and 14 July. The GA will be held on Wednesday, July 11, between 10h15-11h30, at the  Hotel Novotel – meeting rooms Cumparsita+Tango Vivo+Milonga.

Key points for discussion are always, as determined by the Statutes:

  1. General discussion on important issues in science and policies around science
  2. General policy for EuroScience
  3. Reports by the President on EuroScience’s activities in the past two years
  4. Report by the SG on activities of the Office
  5. Report by the Treasurer on the financial situation and on financial planning for the two years ahead
  6. Presentation by the external Auditor of the accounts of the past two years, approval of the accounts, and discharging the Treasure and the SG
  7. Amendments of Statutes

Of course, while the GA is open to members and non-members of EuroScience, voting, should there be a need to vote, is restricted to full, i.e. paying members only.

If you want to know exactly the responsibilities of the GA, please consult the Statutes, especially Art. 8 (Statutes), but I want to draw you attention to a few specific things.

  • On the agenda, the Statutes have a provision for you to request to put items on the agenda: “No later than twenty-one (21) calendar days prior to the meeting, ten (10) full members of EuroScience may request that other items, not being amendments to the Statutes, are placed on the agenda. Such a request shall be made known to all members of EuroScience by correspondence.”
  • As regards the Statutes, the Governing Board will send to you by June 1, but not later than June 11 its proposals for amendments to the Statutes.
  • But you may request for amendments too: the Statutes say that: “Twenty-five (25) full members may request no later than forty-five calendar days before a General Assembly meeting that a particular amendment is tabled, in which case the Governing Board attaches its recommendation to that particular amendment.” Please send any such request to the office (
  • “Members who cannot attend the General Assembly can only participate in votes by instructing by electronic mail the Secretary-General at least one week in advance how to vote in their behalf. The Secretary-General shall bring a list of all such persons together with their voting instructions to the General Assembly for inspection.” Please send any such instructions to

We hope to see many of you in Toulouse.

Best regards,


Lauritz Holm-Nielsen                                                                                                              Peter Tindemans
President                                                                                                                                 Secretary General