EuroScience: News from the office

From February 13th to February 16th 2020, Matthias Girod, Secretary General of EuroScience, together with ESOF2020 Champion Prof. Stefano Fantoni and Donato Ramani from the ESOF2020 communication team participated in the Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) in Seattle/USA. The traditional meeting, which served as a model for EuroScience’ own ESOF conference, is a good way to stay informed about the newest developments in science and technology and discover future trends in research.
Additionally, the AAAS annual is an excellent forum to meet and network with scientists, businessmen as well as policy makers from all over the world. Therefore the visit was an occasion for meetings with representatives of the EuroScience sister organisations like the South African Department of Science and Technology, the Japan Science and Technology Agency and of course the AAAS itself to discover new synergies, find strategies for much needed close collaborations to make the voice of researchers  heard in a rapidly changing globalised world of science.