EuroScience starts strategic re-orientation process!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of EuroScience. Since its creation in 1997 EuroScience has shaped science in Europe through the organisation of 10 successful ESOF editions, its involvement in the creation of the European Research Council, the formulation of the Charter for Research and its role in the development of Responsible Research and innovation.

25 years also represent a long period of time in which science and society have evolved, interests and needs have shifted and the European dimension is more present than ever. Major global crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the accelerating climate change have shown a wide range of issues to be addressed in the scientific community as well as in the interactions between science and the wider society.

With this in mind, the new EuroScience Governing Board met on October 6th in Paris to launch the strategic re-orientation process of EuroScience.  This process aims to keep EuroScience in the Zeitgeist and find keys to contribute to the advancement of science, the improvement of scientific practice and create a fair, healthy, open and inclusive scientific community that acts for the benefit of the entire society.