EuroScience survey on Young Researchers

EuroScience survey on working conditions and career development of Young Researchers

There is still a significant lack of comparable data in Europe on young researchers’ situations. Supporting previous initiatives, EuroScience aims to fill the gap, focusing specifically on Young Researchers (master students, doctoral candidates and post-docs).With a questionnaire approach EuroScience would like to hear the Voice of Young Researchers on their career development thereby enhancing the knowledge about young researchers needs and helping to improve their situation.

The survey was launched April 16th 2012 and ran till July 1st 2012. You can still access the survey here:

Prize Draw

5 winners of the First Prize (a free registration to ESOF2012, worth 100€-375€ each) and 20 winners for the Second Prize (a free EuroScience membership for 1 year, worth 25€-50€) were selected. The winners were e-mailed directly. To be fair, the Prize Draw option was removed July 18th at 14:00 CEST and a random number generator ( was used to select the winners among 987 participants.

Preliminary Results

The preliminary results were shown and discussed at ESOF2012 at the session Opportunities and challenges for the next generation of European scholar.



The preliminary results were published:

The preliminary results were presented at: