EuroScience Webinar: Science Policy 101

The Webinar “Science Policy 101” for PhD’s and Postdocs, discusses how scientists can interact effectively with policy makers. How to illustrate to a policymaker that your issue matters? How to get a policymaker to take action?It will outline how EU institutions access the latest scientific advice and evidence to guide their policy. In this Webinar you can learn about the ins and outs of how legislation is created and passed, and hear from science policy experts working on current science policy issues.


Naomi Saint

Naomi has worked at the UK Parliament for 12 years in various public outreach and engagement roles. Currently, she is part of the UK Parliament’s Knowledge Exchange Unit, which works to support and strengthen the exchange of information and expertise between Parliament and the research community.

Alessandro Allegra

Alessandro is a science policy professional and scholar interested in understanding and shaping the interface between science, politics, and society in Europe. He currently works as Policy Officer at the European Commission Science Advice Mechanism, and has professional experience in UK, EU, and international science policy. He also serves as Advisor for International Outreach for the Journal of Science Policy and Governance (JSPG).

Tycho Van Hauwaert

Tycho is the policy officer working on industrial and circular economy topics at the Belgian environmental movement. Last months he dove into a big Flemisch environmental scandal, the PFOS-pollution in Antwerp. Together with a small team of environmental researchers he exposed the shortcomings of the Flemish environmental policy.