EuroScience Webinar: The Industry Collaboration Tool-kit

On June 18, EuroScience held a webinar that presented a ‘tool kit’ of skills to help researchers communicate and to design collaborations with industry. The webinar was presented by Eoin Galligan, senior business development manager at Aarhus University, Denmark. If you would like to watch a replay of the webinar, click on the recording below.

Many early-stage researchers can find building a relationship with a company challenging. With many funding opportunities demanding researchers to apply for funding together with an industrial partner, building these relationships is becoming more important.

Eoin presented his thoughts on how early-career researchers can combine business frameworks with evidence as a means to develop sustainable relationships with industry. For example, he covered terminology such as value proposition, research impact and how an ‘interview style’ of communication can improve understanding of stakeholders. The webinar also presented a clear strategy for approaching and choosing industry partners, and even touched upon the legal perspective and discussed how initial relationships between two people can transform into a relationship between two organisations. The webinar had two guests that also offered their comments on the subject discussed: Julie Gould, Science Communication Freelancer and Irene Castellano, Fellow at Science Foundation Ireland.

The seminar was organized by Teresa Fernandez and Brian Cahill, co-convenors of EuroScience Science Policy Working Group on Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

For more information about EuroScience Science Policy Working Group or if you would like to participate in our activities, please visit our website or get in touch with our co-convenors Teresa Fernandez and Brian Cahill.