The EYRA 2013 Awardee Luz Rello at ESOF Copenhagen

EYRA 2013 laureate has been designated by EuroScience

The 2013 EYRA laureate

The EYRA 2013 (European Young Researchers’ Award) recognized researchers preparing their first PhD, who have demonstrated outstanding research performance and leadership and have incorporated a clear European dimension into their research.

The International Selection Committee appointed by the EuroScience Board has unanimously recommended to award the EYRA 2013 to:

Luz Rello

Scientific field: Computer Science, Accessibility
Affiliation: Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

The EYRA 2013 evaluation criteria

  • Scientific Quality of the research, as demonstrated by high quality publications in top-ranking journals and/or by prestigious Honours or Awards
  • European Dimension, of the research and/or the research team as demonstrated in real collaboration with researchers from across Europe and/or a research question with a clear European relevance
  • Inspirational team worker, as demonstrated by the role in the research team
  • Communication qualities, about the research, as demonstrated by public presentations, radio/TV/journal contributions or similar activities; European exposure is a bonus.

Evaluation Summary