Governing Board Elections: vote to open in April

Every four years, Euroscience full members elect the representatives of the Governing Board (re-eligible once i.e for a total of 8 years maximum). Subject to the general policy established by the members at a General Assembly and the provisions of the Statutes, the Governing Board is in charge of EuroScience.

Until March 1, EuroScience full members had the possibility to become candidates for the Board election on the condition that they met the following requirements:

  • Be an eligible Euroscience member (if you are not a full member yet, check the list of benefits and create your profile Membership Categories and Fees)
    – i.e. EuroScience of course requires its GB members to be paying members. As we will check that during the period February through April 2018, make sure your membership payments cover that period as only paid up members are eligible for election. (to pay your membership fee follow the link)
    – only one corporate representative may stand for election and can vote
  • Curriculum Vitae (2 pages max)
  • Demonstrate commitment, time availability and vision on European science in a motivation letter (1 page max)

The Governing Board has in line with the Statutes appointed a Search Committee to come up with suggestions for the new President of EuroScience as well as for potential candidates for the new Governing Board. The Search Committee considers all nominations received plus its own suggestions and recommend to the Governing Board whom to put on the list of candidates for election to the new GB. The GB decides on the final list of candidates, again in accordance with the Statutes.

The call for nominations is now closed. The online vote to elect the new Governing Board will open in April.