Governing Board elections: the online vote has closed!

Dear EuroScience full (individual and corporate) and associate members,

The election for members of the new Governing Board, including a new President of EuroScience is now open; it closed on May 10. Election of new Governing Board members is for every organisation a vital milestone. The Governing Board will shape guided by the overall strategic considerations of the General Assembly the organization the next four years.

For both full members and associate members please see below the list of candidates for the Governing Board together with their CV (full applications are only accessible to individual full members and one representative of each corporate member). As you will see, an impressive group of candidates has expressed their willingness to serve on the EuroScience GB, and this bodes well for EuroScience. It was important for all of you having voting rights to exercise these rights, so that the Governing Board had the support of the largest possible number of members.

Voting was restricted to full members, i.e. those members whose membership fee payment had been received by EuroScience on May 9 noon CEST latest, as we had to perform a check immediately afterwards whether votes were valid. Here is the link to pay your membership fee.

That means that if you as an associate member wanted to have an influence of the direction of EuroScience and be directly involved in its activities, it was the chance to do so by subscribing as member. Here is the link to how to become a member of EuroScience. If you had done so and paid your membership fee before 9 May noon CEST , you have received a separate mail how to elect GB members.

All full members should have received a mail with instructions on how to vote on April 10. If the email did not reach you, you were kindly asked to let know and we sent you a direct mail with the login details.

If you wished to express your opinion on the proposed candidates, you may have done so by sending an email to The office reserved its rights to check for any comments that could contravene the law (racist or xenophobic etc.) before publishing them in the online electoral file.

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at ESOF2018, from July 9-14 in Toulouse. The new Governing Board will take over at the end of ESOF2018 after the handover ceremony to ESOF2020 in Trieste.

Best regards,

April 10, 2018

Peter Tindemans
Secretary General EuroScience

List of candidates and their CV

Last name First name Country Current/last position Scientific Field CVs
Allegra Alessandro UK Science policy consultant and doctoral candidate at University College London, Secretary of the Association of Italian Scientists in the UK History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, ongoing PhD in Science and Technology Studies CV
Allemand Luc France Director and Editor,, an online media that covers science and technology produced in Africa, for an African public of science students, academics and policy makers PhD in Electrochemistry, Scientific Journalism, communication and conferences CV
Berghmans Stephane Belgium Vice President, Global Academic & Research Relations, EU
Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (based in Brussels)
Biomedical Sciences CV
Böhm Gergely Hungary Head of the Department of International Relations of the Hungarian
Academy of Sciences since 2014.
Economics and Political Science CV
Cahill Brian Germany Junior Research Group Leader, Institute of Bioprocessing and Analytical Measurement Technology, Heiligenstadt, Germany

Former Chair of Marie Curie Alumni Association (changed recently )

Mechanical & Process Engineering, Electrical sensing of bacterial growth in droplet-based microfluidics CV
Cambon-Thomsen Anne France Director of research at CNRS since 1988 (emeritus research director since 2015), Human biology, human immunogenetics, transplantation, population genetics, epidemiological genetics and bioethics CV
Cardew Gail UK Director of Science and Education; Professor of Science, Culture and Society, The Royal Institution, Molecular genetics, biochemistry of gene expression CV
Egikova Viola Russia Science journalist based in Moscow, represents Russian science journalists in EUSJA (European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations) and Russian science communicators in EUSEA (European Science Engagement Association) Science journalism CV
Eliseeva Irina Russia Director of Sociological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences (2005-2015), Head of Statistics and Econometrics Department at State University of Economics at Saint-Petersburg, Dr of Economic Sciences, Professor, Member-in-Correspondent of Russian Academy of Sciences Applied Statistics, Statistics of Innovations, Economic Statistics, Statistics of population well-being, History of Statistics CV
Eppelbaum Lev Israel Department of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, Tel Aviv University Geophysics, interpretation of geophysical, geological, archaeological and environmental data CV
Fernandez Teresa Sweden Project manager at Vetenskap i Samhället (Science in Society) and a newly graduated PhD from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden Medicine, Biomedicine CV
Hélein Frédéric France Professor at the University Denis Diderot–Paris 7 Mathematics CV
Heller del Riego Christine Denmark/Spain Managing Director, WAIART / Former Associate Prof. of Electrical Engineering, Comillas University, Madrid Science Communication, Science and Art, Science and Society / PhD in Electrical Engineering CV
Hudson Richard Belgium Science|Business publishing, Brussels, Editor-in-Chief, Vice Chair of the Board, Co-founder Science and technology journalist for more than 30 years CV
Hughes Lorna UK University of Glasgow, Professor in Digital Humanities Digital Humanities CV
Larsen Svend Erik Denmark Professor Emeritus, dr.phil.
Honorary Professor, University College London
Yangtze River Visiting Professor, Sichuan University
Vice-President of Academia Europaea
Humanities, Comparative Literature, language philosophy and semiotics CV
Makarow Marja Finland Director of Biocenter Finland since July 2016 Biochemistry CV
Matlosz Michaël France Science Europe, Brussels – President
Distinguished University Professor of chemical process engineering
– University of Lorraine, Nancy
Chemical process engineering and process intensification CV
Maróti Gergely Hungary Researcher at the Biological Research Center of Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Szeged Biology, Microbiology CV
Militello Valeria Italy Associate Professor in Applied Physics (FIS07) at Department of Physics and Chemistry (DiFC) University of Palermo Applied Physics and Molecular Biophysics CV
Modéer Camilla Sweden Senior Advisor at the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences Science in Society & Chemical Engineering CV
Müller Jan Marco Austria Head of Directorate Office / Coordinator for Science to Policy and Science Diplomacy; International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis (IIASA), Vienna PhD in Geography CV
Müller Martin Belgium Co-Director of SwissCore, contact office for European research, innovation and education (ERI)
in Brussels
Doctor of Sciences in biomedical engineering CV
Nico Magda Portugal Post-Doctoral Researcher, CIES – University Institute of Lisbon, Member of the Pool of European Youth Researcher (EU-CoE Youth Partnership) Social Sciences, sociology CV
Puigdoménech Rosell Pere Spain Research Professor for CSIC Spanish Research Council. Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics Plant Molecular Biology CV
Sundberg Carl Johan Sweden Professor Physiology/Senior University Lecturer Bioentrepreneurship and Coordinator Science & Society at the President’s Office, Karolinska Institutet, Human Physiology, Medicine, Bioentrepreneurship CV
Trachana Varvara Greece Assistant Professor of Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine, School of Health Sciences, University of
Biology, Biological Chemistry, CV
Worms Jean-Claude France European Science Foundation, Chief Executive PhD in Physics, astronomy & space science CV