Eotvos Lorand Univesity

Eotvos Lorand University Hungarian Delegation at ESOF 2016

Hungarian Delegation from Eotvos Lorand University at ESOF 2016

ELTEThe Eotvos Lorand University from Budapest, Hungary will bring the first Hungarian university delegation to ESOF 2016 in Manchester, so that its students will benefit from the diverse range of sessions and opportunities ESOF offers.

Thirteen students were selected and had their first kick-off meeting on 26 April to discuss the diverse range of ESOF 2016 sessions and social events. ESOF 2016 kicks-off on Sunday 24 July with nine sessions from the Careers programme. These sessions are of particular interest to students and early career researchers as they will explore key issues on mobility for early career researchers, peer review and making STEM subjects more attractive in schools. Alongside the programme, there will be a number of interactive sessions for early career researchers to make use of, such as the ‘Pie with the Professor’ event.

Monday’s programme has a particular focus on health with sessions dedicated to personalised medicine, medical innovation, biomedical research and the world’s drug problem. Tuesday is ‘Business Day’ at ESOF, with a programme dedicated to science, technology and industry. Wednesday will then examine scientific research into the smallest dimensions of materials and matter, the fastest chemical processes, and the most extreme and challenging terrestrial and extra-terrestrial environments. Plenty of activities to choose from!

Following the ESOF Science Bus and ESOF Science Train projects, the students will fly together to Manchester, thus branding their experience as the ESOF Science Plane! During ESOF, the 13 students will interview some of the speakers and participants and will meet their counterparts of the University of South Bohemia in the Czech Republic. They will also report about their experiences on a dedicated Facebook page, a blog and through other social media.


Getting ready for ESOF 2016: the ELTE students’ kick-off meeting on 26 April 2016