Science Policy Working Group Session at ESOf 2016 – funding mechanisms

At ESOF 2016, the EuroScience Science Policy Working Group will host a panel discussion on improving public research funding mechanisms for scientist. The session will be held in the EuroScience Room on Wednesday July 27 from 14.15 – 15.30.

Improving public research funding mechanisms for scientists

Public research funding is largely distributed via competitive mechanisms. These have been adopted to promote scientific excellence.  However, some stages of assessment and award processes may not be efficient and there is also growing disquiet regarding the potential impact of a hyper-competitive funding environment on the solidity and reliability of scientific results and on scientists’ careers.

Competitive funding processes are also comparatively costly, both to awarding agencies and to research providers (the latter in time spent preparing applications). Achieving the optimal balance of high-quality decision making and cost is of critical importance in the design of research funding systems.

This session will investigate how current competitive funding mechanisms could be improved, looking for instance at the impact of success rates, funding modalities and complexity, selection criteria or grant duration, from the viewpoint of both researchers and funders.

Chair: Frédéric Sgard (OECD Global Science Forum and Euroscience)