Art and Science EuroScientist Special Issue

Let’s mix science and art!

In its latest special issue, EuroScientist focuses on examples of combining Art and Science. We introduce you to Europeans who are active in the arts, either as authors, performers or artists.

Discover, in their own words, how they get their inspiration from science to let their creativity produce some compelling stories for the enjoyment of us all.

In these five articles, get to know Lorenz Adlung who performs slam poetry to make science more accessible, Darren Sugrue, a science thrillers writer, Helena González, a stand-up comedian with a scientific flavour, Lance Dann, creator of a bio-medical thriller series and Olafur Eliasson, working on art with an environmental consciousness.

In the following days, EuroScientist will publish a series of articles on science policy, lifestyle and Responsible Research and Innovation reprinted with the kind permission from the European Conference for Science Journalists 2017 (ECSJ2017) held in Copenhagen between 26 and 30 June 2017. Don’t miss a piece on EuroScientist website, Facebook, Twitter or the newsletter!

Then EuroScientist will be off for the summer and will come back in September to bring exciting news and engage with you in stimulating discussion about science and society.