A letter from the Chair of the ESOF 2016 Programme Committee

Dear Colleagues,

Just a month ahead of the ESOF meeting in Manchester, we woke up last Friday to learn that the UK may leave the European Union. Although this outcome is not yet certain, as it still requires parliamentary approval, the unmistakable voice of the British people, as those who wished to remain in the European Union were narrowly defeated, sounded like an explosion whose destructive consequences are very hard to understand and to predict.

We truly entered not only unchartered waters, as Nancy Rothwell, Luke Georghiou and Vicky Rosin wrote to us in their appeal, but also very stormy and dangerous ones. In such a dramatic moment in history for all of us scientists, we must not only send to our British Colleagues a very clear sign of solidarity, but also underline our common endeavour to the benefit of science and societies in Europe and all over the world.

Over the past 30 years we have collectively built a European scientific community, enormously helped by the instruments the European Union has developed. Great Britain has taken its natural place in this development, based on its tradition of contributing so much to the world of science Not only by opening unexplored avenues of the laws of nature, but also by shaping and establishing the rules of how the next generations of talented and curious researchers should conduct their quest for truth and understanding. The UK has profoundly influenced university systems, science societies and approaches to collaboration. Many of the UK’s science institutions have become icons and examples for all to follow.

We, the scientists, are one big family, whose rules and values extend well beyond political and geographic borders. This is one of the rare moments in history that requires us to demonstrate this unity and solidarity. If you have a chance to come to the UK this Summer, please do come to Manchester and participate in the EuroScience Open Forum 2016.

Professor Jerzy M Langer
ESOF 2016 Program Chair
Honorary Vicepresident of EuroScience


Supported by:

Professor Klaus Bock
Member of Scientific Council, European Research Council
Champion, ESOF 2014 Copenhagen

Professor Gunnar Öquist
Programme Committee Chair, ESOF 2014, Copenhagen

Professor Patrick Cunningham
Former scientific advisor to the Irish government
Champion, ESOF 2012 Dublin

Professor em., Enrico Predazzi
Champion, ESOF 2010 Torino
Member, Steering Committee, ESOF2012, Dublin

Professor em. Dr. Helga Nowotny, Ph.D.
Former President European Research Council
Chair, Programme Committee, ESOF 2010, Torino
Member, Steering Committee, ESOF 2012, Dublin

Professor Enric Banda
Champion, ESOF 2008, Barcelona

Dr. Ingrid Wünning Tschol
Senior Vice President Robert Bosch Stiftung
Co-chair of the ESOF 2008 Steering Committee
Member of the ESOF Supervisory Committee

Professor Carl Johan Sundberg, MD, PhD
Champion ESOF 2004, Stockholm
Member of the ESOF Supervisory Committee