The Lund Declaration 2015

Lund Conference 2015: some conclusions by Dr. C. Modéer

Lund Conference 2015: tackling grand societal challenges

Following the Lund Declaration of 2009, on 3-4 December 2015 another conference was organised in Lund to discuss progress, and how to speed up tackling grand societal challenges. The first Lund Declaration put centre stage the need to focus research and innovation on these grand challenges, and they have got indeed much attention in Horizon 2020. The second Lund conference of 2015 stressed the importance of further alignment between research and innovation efforts of the various European countries and the need to also invest in frontier research, research infrastructures and training researchers to work across disciplines. Global cooperation is vital and Europe is well-positioned for a leading role. But it is still not enough: the focus should be on achieving real impact, and that requires inter alia stronger participation of end users and industry.

EuroScience is keen to endorse the Lund 2015 Declaration. We will consider how we can contribute to achieving these goals, not only through discussions at ESOF and in EuroScientist magazine. Our Governing Board member Dr. Camilla Modéer participated in the conference and wrote a brief report below.

Dr. Peter Tindemans
EuroScience Secretary General

Read Dr. Camilla Modéer’s report on the Lund 2015 Conference