Call for Proposals for ESOF2022 [CLOSED]

The Call for Proposals for the 2022 edition of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF2022) is now closed.
ESOF is the largest interdisciplinary scientific conference in Europe, founded by EuroScience in 2004 and held once every two years since.  From 13 to 16 July 2022, ESOF will take place in Leiden, The Netherlands.  Leiden, with its internationally renowned university and its prestigious heritage as the birthplace of academic freedom, is a particularly suitable venue for ESOF’s 10th edition.  
The main conference theme for ESOF2022, “Crossing Borders, Engaged Science, Resilient Societies”, reflects that heritage.  We invite everyone interested in contributing to the dialogue around science, and to discuss cutting-edge scientific results and their impact on society, to submit their proposals.

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ESOF2022:  from Sustainability to Scientific Careers  

Scientific research is not only happening in the academic and industrial world but is embedded within all of society.  With its 10th edition in 2022, the ESOF conference will therefore renew its structure by integrating the various programme tracks of previous editions into one focused programme addressing a wide variety of today’s most pressing issues.
ESOF2022 will explore how society can create A Sustainable Environment to tackle the challenges of climate change and keep our planet liveable. It will also discuss the Cultural Identities and Societal Transformations currently underway, and the role that science and art can play in the process. It will show how science contributes to a Healthy Society, not only with a view towards future pandemics but also in terms of how to manage chronic diseases and ageing, and how to improve prevention and health literacy. With its topic Space for Science, ESOF also seeks to examine how other stars and planets can be found and explored, and how the newest discoveries and developments in space will impact life on earth.
In addition to discussing the role of science in the diverse challenges facing humanity, ESOF will take a closer look at the tensions and interactions between Academic Freedom and Societal Responsibility, and how scientific communities can change and respond to societal expectations without losing their values of academic freedom and independence.  With its topic Back to Business :  Action-Based Entrepreneurship and Education, ESOF will present new initiatives on how to boost entrepreneurial mindsets and the roles of industry and universities, with special emphasis on the contributions of the social sciences and humanities.  And last but not least, ESOF will go Off the Beaten Track with New Paths for Academic Careers to discuss how scientific careers can be made more diverse, inclusive and sustainable for young researchers.
A more detailed description of the topics can be found in the CALL.

THE EVENT: Sustainable and Inclusive!  

After the positive experience of ESOF 2020, the 2022 edition of ESOF will also be a hybrid event to maximize inclusion and minimize climate impact. ESOF2022 will employ the most advanced virtual conference technology to welcome conference participants from around the world, whether physically or virtually, to the City of Leiden, with its rich past, to discuss the future.