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Turkey: an open call to all governments and institutions in the Free World

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Turkey: our call to all governments and institutions of the Free World

We as organisations representing scientists, authors and science communicators stand for free speech, freedom of movement and freedom of association. They are an integral part of humanism and democratic, open societies. The basis of democracy is not simply a ballot box. History shows that dictators can also come to power by winning an election. Democracy is much more: it implies at least Freedom of Expression and the respect of Human Rights, both of which are being shamefully violated in Turkey at the moment. We call on all governments and institutions of the Free World to condemn the recent actions of the Turkish government in the strongest possible terms and to withdraw any support for President Erdogan until civil liberties are restored in his country.

The authors of this open call

EuroScience is the European grassroots association of scientists across disciplines, countries and the public-private divide, and all those taking an interest in science, technology and innovation. Its individual and corporate members want to advance science for the benefit of society, engage with with policymakers, business and society to create a stronger Europe through responsible science and innovation, and convene partnerships for a resilient science endeavour. The biennial ESOF events and the web magazine EuroScientist are key outlets.
For more information: peter.tindemans@euroscience.org

The Société des Poètes Français is the national society of French Poets created in 1902 and based in Paris. It is open to poets who have published poetry in the French language and whose work has been recognised for its high quality by the Society. It was represented at ESOF 2016 by its elected President Monsieur Jean-Charles Dorge.
For more information: spf.jeancharlesdorge@gmail.com

The European Academy of Sciences Arts and Letters (EASAL) consists of renowned scientists, researchers, medical practitioners, economists, artists, prose writers and poets. Many are members of National Academies and a number are also Nobel Laureates. It is under the aegis of UNESCO and based in France. It was represented at ESOF 2016 by Professor Jean-Patrick Connerade, who is its elected President.
For more information: jean-patrick@connerade.com

Die Kogge is the Society of German Language Authors. Its members include writers, poets, essayists, translators, radio, television and theatre writers from all over Europe. It was represented at ESOF 2016 by its elected President, Professor Uli Rothfuss.
For more information: urothfuss@gmx.de


Download the full version of our open call to the Free World. A French version of this open call is also available here.

Read also the open letter issued by EuroScience to President Erdogan on 21 July 2016.


Photo credit: Diane Cordell via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)