the Rammal 2009 recipients were Professor Ayse Erzan and Foundation René Touraine.

Rammal Award 2009 has been granted

Rammal Award 2009

Rammal Award 2009 honoured both Professor Ayse Erzan, Istanbul Technical University, and the Foundation René Touraine, created in 1991 by Prof. Louis Dubertret.

Professor Ayse Erzan is a leading specialist in complex and critical systems, she collaborates with several groups in the Mediterranean area and is very active in the domain of human rights and ethics. She is notably a member of the Academy of Sciences for the Developing World.

The Foundation René Touraine has been created in 1991 by Prof. Louis Dubertret, presently at Hôpital Saint Louis in Paris. Since its creation, the Foundation works to screen for and cure genetic skin diseases in Mediterranean countries. It has also greatly contributed to the training of young physicians from those countries.