Rammal Award 2012: Professor Abdeslam Hoummada

Rammal Award 2012 honours Prof. Abdeslam Hoummada

Rammal Award 2012

EuroScience is pleased to announce that the Rammal Award 2012 will honour Professor Abdeslam Hoummada.

Prof. Hoummada has an outstanding career in Neutrino physics and High Energy particle physics. He is involved in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron collider (LHC) at CERN and his contribution to the discovery of the Higgs boson has been largely recognised.

All along his scientific achievements he has been aiming in building bridges not only between CERN and the scientific community of Morocco and other Mediterranean countries but also between Morocco and the Middle East as an active member of SESAME (Synchrotron radiation facility for the Middle East). Prof. Hoummada believes High Energy Physics being a concrete bridge between the two sides of the Mediterranean. This idea is implemented in an “International Laboratory for Collider Physics” including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and France to be launched in 2014. The project is complemented by an exchange program of doctoral schools from France and the Maghreb plus Egypt.

The conferences of the Foundation “Sharing Knowledge” are an absolute must in matters of relationship in the Mediterranean basin. As a founding member and council member, Prof. Hoummada has been contributing to their success since 2004, the last taking place in Rabat in May 2013.

Prof. Hoummada is still involved in academic leadership in Morocco at Hassan II University of Casablanca and as Scientific Director at the Hassan II Academy of Science and Technology.