Re-launch of the EuroScience Science Policy Working Group

Dear members of Euroscience,

We are happy to announce that we are relaunching the EuroScience (ES) Working Group on Science Policy. To increase the scope of the group, we are looking for members who are interested in joining us.

By being part of the ES Policy Working Group, you will get the opportunity to interact with other group members to formulate and express an opinion on research policy. Our main goal is to influence policy makers in shaping the future of science, technology and innovation in Europe. We aim to collaborate with a network of experts and other associations to increase the impact of our actions.

Some of the science policy areas we may cover include: science diplomacy, research evaluation, research integrity, academic freedom, science advisory mechanisms, gender and social inequalities in science, public engagement, science funding models, open research and the sustainability of research careers.

Some of the outcomes the ES Policy Working Group has achieved in the past include:
• Open letter to EU Commissioner and EU ministers on the importance of including space science in the EU/ESA arrangements
• Policy papers on the preparations and financial plans for Horizon 2020
• Session on Research Funding at ESOF 2016
• Statements on e.g. independence for ERC, multidisciplinary collaborative long-term research, fundamental differences between government’s support for R&D and innovation

By joining the ES policy working group, you will contribute significantly to strengthening the voice of research in Europe.

If you want to know more about taking part in the ES Policy Working Group and the activities we are planning to focus on, please contact us at: office[at]

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EuroScience Science Policy Working Group