The results of the EuroScience Governing Board elections for 2018-2022 are now public!

The results of the elections for the twelve new members of the Governing Board of EuroScience for 2018-2022 are now public.

It is a great pleasure for me and the other members of the EuroScience Office in Strasbourg to congratulate our new President, prof. Michael Matlosz, and all the eleven other members of the new Governing Board with their election. Please click here to see the results of the election.

I am grateful to all candidates who stood for election, and I hope that also those of you who have eventually not been elected will work with the new GB to advance the goals of EuroScience in the interest of European science and society. I hope that many of the members of the new GB will be at ESOF in Toulouse coming July where the current and the new GB will have a joint meeting. The new GB will formally take over at the end of the closing ceremony on July 14, 2018. We are looking forward to work with the new GB. I should express at this stage already my gratitude to the members of the current GB for their efforts in the interest of EuroScience.

Peter Tindemans
Secretary General EuroScience