Science Policy Career Paths: From lab to legislation

ESOF2022 online session: July 14th, 17:15 – 18:30 CEST


  • Chloe Hill – European Geosciences Union
  • Lorenzo Melchor – Joint Research Centre, European Commission
  • Iain Stewart – Royal Scientific Society, University of Plymouth

Moderator/Organiser: Ivana Kurečić (EuroScience Science Policy Working Group)

Policy challenges in the 21st century are interconnected and complex, and the amount of information needed to make a decision that adequately considers policy options continues to increase. Despite the exponential acceleration of scientific advancement, its contributions to technological and societal progress do not always happen frictionlessly.

Scientists and researchers are needed to provide scientific advice and the basis of policy solutions to policymakers, but many find themselves unsure about the most effective path to transcend from science to policy. Familiarity with the special dimensions of science policy and the finer nuances of communicating with policymakers may not come naturally, nor does the understanding of the crucial role of research ethics and integrity in making a meaningful contribution to the science–policy interface.

For early-career researchers who may be facing many career challenges and uncertainties, the science–policy interface can provide exciting and rewarding career opportunities outside of academia.

This panel discussion moderated by Ivana Kurečić explores how science and scientists make their way from the lab to legislation. Panelists Chloe Hill, the Policy Manager of the European Geosciences Union, Iain Stewart, Professor of Geoscience Communication at the University of Plymouth, and Lorenzo Melchor, a Policy Analyst at the European Commission, will discuss their work that enables scientists to engage with policymakers and international organisations alike.