Sign petition to keep ethical, responsible research using personal data

EuroScience calls on its members and readers to sign the petition to urge the European institutions (Council, Parliament and Commission) to maintain exemptions for research in the trilogues on the new Data Protection Regulation. Click here… In June 2014 EuroScience supported the Wellcome Trust and many other scientific organisations in asking the Council of Ministers not to accept amendments the European Parliament had agreed which would significantly hamper research in health or social sciences. This would have serious consequences for health care, social policies and international collaboration. The scientific community enforces powerful ethical regimes to protect the wellbeing and privacy of personal data. The Council agreed in June 2015 with the Commission position that there should be such exemptions. Trilogue meetings between Council. Parliament and Commission have started and should result later this year or the first half of 2016 to an agreement. It is time scientists and other stakeholders in the scientific endeavor speak up again. The Wellcome Trust has taken the lead and many organisations, including EuroScience support this.

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See also the article by Dr. Beth Thompson of the Wellcome Trust in the next issue of the EuroScientist.