St. Petersburg conference on problems of innovative development

Conference “Problems of innovative development and environmental safety” 29-30 September 2014, St Petersburg

The conference took place at the St. Petersburg Research Centre of the RAS in the framework of the scientific and technical cooperation of scientists in St. Petersburg and the Republic of Belarus for 2012-2016. The conference has received financial support by the Committee on Science and Government. About 120 scientists from research institutes and universities of Russia (St. Petersburg, Moscow, Petrozavodsk, Murmansk, Belgorod, Elista), the Republic of Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands, Ireland and Serbia took part in the conference.

The globalization of the modern society leads to environmental problems, which are impossible to solve for secluded regions. The results of the long-term monitoring of freshwater ecosystems in the border area between Russia, Norway and Finland represent a successful example of international partnerships. Building a competitive economy in Russia goes hand in hand with solving the problems of energy saving and environmental safety. The questions under discussion were the effects on human health of “light pollution”, the increasing anthropogenic air pollution and the maximum permissible concentration of harmful emissions. The use of biotechnology for the elimination of landfill sites becomes more crucial. It is evident that the modernization of the country is only possible with a clean environment.

The method of evaluating export and import flows including environmental factors were reviewed and approved for use in the assessment of import substitution in Russia. This method was developed and approved in the Republic of Belarus.
There is a need to develop strict legislation for the environment in Russia. In this regard, the experience of developed countries is useful, -in particular Germany, the Netherlands and the United States. It is also important to build social society in Russia and the development of civil society, as well to increase environmental awareness at all levels.

To increase scientists’ social responsibility in promoting new technologies and developing the understanding between scientists and society in this direction raises the relevance of international cooperation in the field of environment. Activities of international non-governmental organizations, particularly in Europe- the activity of EuroScience,- become important to establish a mutual understanding of science and society.

The collection of scientific articles “Problems of innovative development and environmental security” based on conference proceedings is prepared by “Nestor-History” publishing house. The national press (the weekly “Search” on November 28), the web portals (EuroScience, St. Petersburg EuroScience Cooperation Centre, the Sociological Institute of the RAS) covers the news on the conference.

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